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RSVP International Retro Glass Salt & Pepper Shaker | Stainless Steel Lids |, 8 oz, Turquoise

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  • QUALITY MATERIALS: Retro inspired glass shakers with stainless steel screw-on lids
  • STYLING: Add charm to your table or countertop with our colored glass designs and polished stainless steel shaker caps
  • CAPACITY: Each shaker has an 8-ounce capacity for salt peper, or any fine ground spices
  • SIZING: Shakers measure 2-3/4-inches square by 4-1/2-inches tall
  • CLEANING: Hand washing recommended

10 reviews for RSVP International Retro Glass Salt & Pepper Shaker | Stainless Steel Lids |, 8 oz, Turquoise

3.5 out of 5
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  1. AZdesert

    Update: My original review is below. But I’ve taken my review from 4 stars to one, because I can’t take the mess the salt shaker makes anymore. Now that I’ve been using these I realize that the salt shaker top must not fit properly. Every time I turn it upside down to shake salt, it leaks out around the bottom of the lid. So I have salt granules on my counter tops or the stove, or the table all the time. I am ordering a set of cheaper salt shaker and will give these to Goodwill with my apologies to whomever buys them. I See now that I am reading back over the reviews that a lot of other people have had the same problem.
    *Note, the shaker that is leaking is NOT the one I made the holes bigger on, so I didn’t damage this myself.

    Pepper holes are too small – but i fixed itI love these shakers. They are beautiful and large, but not too large for everyday use. The only reason I took a star away is the size of the holes on the pepper shaker. They are the same size as the salt. This may not be a problem for some, but I like the course ground pepper. I decided to risk the expensive shakers and attempt to fix the problem. First I tried hammering (gently) a small nail into each hole to make it a little larger. I still didn’t get much pepper out. So I went big time. I got a much bigger nail and drove it into every other hole. This worked. I get the right amount of pepper. And I actually like the alternate big hole/little hold design.

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  2. Traveler

    Like shape and weight. Colour attractive.

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  3. Patricia

    I have a butter dish this same color. Was hoping the blues would match. They matched perfectly; happy check 1. The size is great so you don’t have to fill them to often; happy check 2. The holes for the salt are good, especially because we use the pink salt, which is super fine; happy check 3. The lids don’t fit great. They screw on just fine and don’t come off, but they don’t seal so you get a build up of seasonings in the threads; a little unhappy about that. I was able to make a gasket out of the foam backing of a mouse pad. Works fantastic!!!! No more spillage. 😉 Oh….the holes for the pepper shaker are somewhat small, so I made some of them, not all, a little larger w/a narrow nail. Didn’t want to use a drill bit and get burrs.

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  4. Jeremy H.

    I love the look of the salt/pepper shakers. The cobalt blue is very nice and the size is great because you would not need to refill very often. Unfortunately, the hole are so small that regular Morton salt will barely come out. The coarse grind pepper I prefer can’t possibly shake through the tiny holes. I knew I should’ve paid attention to the other reviews that mention that very issue! Yes, I could enlarge the holes using a small nail but then the lid would be bent and I wouldn’t like that either. Also, the salt shaker I received rocks on the counter top due to the bottom having a high spot. So, they’re super to look at for a decoration, but not useful in real life application.

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  5. L. L. Maron

    I was very pleasantly surprised with these charming, salt & pepper shakers. They have an old fashioned look that is reminiscent of antique Apothecary jars. The cheerful, solidly built, red glass shakers are a marvelous accent in my kitchen! The holes (as some other reviews also mentioned) are a tad-bit small… but nothing a slim, metal, rat-tail file couldn’t take care of. In a few minutes I easily enlarged the holes enough so that they shake their contents freely & easily. I did use fine ground black pepper. I had NO issues with the salt or pepper spilling out from the lid, or making a mess from the lid not fitting well (as other reviews stated).
    I found these salt & pepper shakers are very nice, hand size shakers & they hold 8 ounces (nice & big) – so there’s no need to be constantly refilling them… which I really like.

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  6. Delana C

    Thick glass that seems sturdy although drop testing was not completed on this product.

    As stated in other reviews, these are large shakers. See the photo attached to my review for comparison with a 16oz bottle of water.

    Great quality and an awesome addition to my farmhouse kitchen!

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  7. Philip & Jennifer

    These are so cool and just the right size. They are about 4 3/8″ high and about 2 3/8″ square. One can see how much pepper or salt is in the shaker plus I like how the words salt and pepper are embossed on one edge of the glass. Both shakers have 12 same size holes in a circle shape in the center of the cover. Just a perfect size for holding comfortably to use. They remind me of the shape of some old fashioned white and red ones I remember from my youth.

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  8. Gidget Girl

    These are very pretty, but I was expecting standard sized salt and pepper shakers. These are the biggest salt and pepper shakers I have ever seen in my life. The base is 2.5 x 2.5 inches and they are nearly 4.5 inches high. I attached a pic of the lid compared to a Canadian $1 coin to give an idea of just how massive these are. They take up a lot of space. So be aware of the size when considering them.

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  9. L. L. Maron

    These are easy to clean, a little big for my disabled husband to hold (my fault for not actually knowing how big 8 oz would be!!), but ABSOLUTELY perfect on my dining table. They match my rainbow silverware and teal plates. I love the aesthetic, and out of all my other salt and pepper sets, these are the ones I find myself reaching for most frequently. If you have limited use of your hands or small children, select a smaller size. (The oversized ones actually look really cool though.)
    My one complaint is that it is slightly difficult to line up the threads when you screw on the metal lid. I feel the lid could fit better/be made a little better. Not a huge deal though, as I will not need to refill very often (8 oz is a lot of salt!!)

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  10. Delana C

    I love these salt and pepper shakers. They are sized so you are not filling them up every other day. The reason I gave a two-star review is because the holes in the shaker tops are the same size. Salt shakers typically have fewer and larger holes than pepper shakers because salt granules are larger than pepper granules. Mine both have “pepper” tops, so the salt does not pour through the smaller holes. I checked out contacting the seller, but all that is listed is a phone number – no email, so I have decided it will be easier to use a Dremel tool to widen the holes a tad on the salt top. Had I received the proper tops, these shakers would have been five stars.

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