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SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds w/ Noise Cancelling, Hi-Fi Sound, 360 Audio, Comfort Ear Fit, HD

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Model Name Galaxy Buds2 Pro
Color Graphite
Form Factor In Ear
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth

  • ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLATION: Reduce unwanted noise with Galaxy Buds2 Pro; They use Intelligent Active Noise Cancellation* to quiet even the loudest outside sounds; Tune in to what matters most without being bothered by distracting sounds around you
  • HI-FI SOUND QUALITY: Studio quality sound isn’t just for the pros; Feel every note like you’re there with Galaxy Buds2 Pro** and get a next-level listening experience, whether you’re rocking out to your playlist or staying informed with a podcast
  • ENHANCED 360-DEGREE AUDIO: Amplify what you like; Minimize what you don’t; Enhanced 360-degree audio** brings out the tones you love from every angle for a personalized surround sound experience every time you pop them in
  • EXCELLENT FIT: Pop ‘em in and forget they’re there; Galaxy Buds2 Pro are earbuds designed to be even more comfortable than before and fit securely no matter what you’re doing; Whether for your work or workout, make all your moves comfortably
  • HD VOICE TECHNOLOGY: Turn every call into a high definition chat; HD Voice Technology separates your voice from surrounding noise, so you come in crystal clear even with the hustle and bustle around you
  • INTELLIGENT CONVERSATION MODE: Keep the conversation going without taking out your earbuds; When your voice is detected, Intelligent Conversation Mode turns off Active Noise Cancellation, turns down the volume and puts your Buds in Ambient Mode***
  • WATER RESISTANT: Water won’t ruin your workout; Your IPX7 water-resistant Galaxy Buds2 Pro can keep the beat going even with a little rain; They’re protected for immersion up to 3 feet deep for a half-hour****


Galaxy Buds2 Pro fit perfectly in your world. Tune in to what matters most with Intelligent Active Noise Cancellation.* Surround yourself with the sounds you love with enhanced 360-degree audio.** Galaxy Buds2 Pro fit more securely and comfortably than ever. HD Voice Technology separates your voice from surrounding noise. Catch every word without taking out your earbuds with technology that auto detects voices and adjusts so you can hear them better.*** IPX7 water resistant Galaxy Buds2 Pro keeps the beat going even with a little rain.**** From your phone to your tablet, watch, or PC, never miss a call with Galaxy Buds2 Pro.***** *Features including Intelligent Active Noise Cancellation and Ambient sound require a Bluetooth connection to a compatible device. **Requires a Galaxy smartphone with Android 8.0 and One UI 4.1 or later with 1.5GB RAM or above. ***Requires a Galaxy smartphone with Android 8.0 later and 1.5GB RAM or above. Feature only can be enabled and controlled through the Galaxy Wearable app on Android, available on the Google Play Store. ****Rated to IPX7 for submersion in up to 3 feet of fresh water for up to 30 minutes based on international standard ISO 60529. Not advised for beach or pool use. If the earbuds are damaged, they are not guaranteed to be water resistant. If the earbuds or your hands are wet, they must be dried thoroughly prior to handling. Charging case is not water-resistant. *****Easy Pair only supported on mobile devices running One UI 1.0 or later and Galaxy Book series PCs launched 2020 or later. Auto Switch only supported on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) running One UI 3.1 or later and watches that are Galaxy Watch4 Series or later. Devices must be logged in to the same Samsung account and have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi turned on. Earbuds must be paired with both your phone and tablet at least once. ******Feature supported on Galaxy Book series PCs launched 2020 or later and TV models launched 2022 or later.

From the manufacturer

Buds2 Pro

Buds2 Pro

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Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro

Specification: SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds w/ Noise Cancelling, Hi-Fi Sound, 360 Audio, Comfort Ear Fit, HD

Product Dimensions

1.97 x 1.98 x 1.09 inches

Item Weight

1.98 ounces



Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. included

Date First Available

August 10 2022



Country of Origin



Weight 1.98 kg
Dimensions 1.97 × 1.98 × 1.09 cm

10 reviews for SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds w/ Noise Cancelling, Hi-Fi Sound, 360 Audio, Comfort Ear Fit, HD

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  1. Mr. Stateham

    Best Samsungs Yet, but not PerfectI upgraded to these after owning the Galaxy Buds Live, which is a very different design. I’m not an audiophile, but I am fairly experienced with mid-tier sound equipment, speakers, and headphones. I built my own 11.1 surround sound movie room using a higher end Yamaha receiver and have used Klipsch, Polk Audio, Paradigm, BIC America, Sony, Yamaha, Pioneer, Bose (don’t judge me, they work well in some applications), JL Audio, JBL, Mirage, and other brands of speakers through the years in home and car audio setups. For headphones, I’ve mainly used wired as early wireless models sounded hollow and tinny in comparison. I’ve used lower end AKG and Sony buds, as well as mid-tier Sennheisers. I’ve also used higher end Sony over-ear headphones as well as the highly rated (but lesser known) Status Audio CB-1 studio monitor headphones.I waited a while to buy into the wireless headphone market and finally took the plunge with the Buds Live as they offered something my wired headphones didn’t—ambient sound. Usually this is an unwanted distraction and noise isolation is preferred, but sometimes I want to be aware of what’s going on around me and be able to engage in a conversation even if I have my buds in. Apple did this well with their pass-through technology, but I’m not about to switch over to an entirely new product line and closed ecosystem just for headphones, so I waited. The Buds Live managed this trick with a low-tech solution by not sealing in the ear canal, so I gave them a try. Sound quality was decent—on par with my lower end AKG wired buds, but not as good as my mid-tier (~$100) Sennheiser buds. They also were finnicky with their connection and cut out a lot if my phone was in my pocket, especially if I bent over or squatted.BUDS 2 PRO:I upgraded to these as they also had a pass-through feature which seemed to work fairly well and did so automatically when you started talking. I figured this would be just as good and offer better sound and isolation when desired. Overall I think this feature works pretty good and is a nice compromise for me. In terms of sound quality, the Buds 2 Pro are definitely a step up from the Buds Live and probably on par with my wired mid-tier Sennheisers. I can’t complain about the sound quality at all.As with the Buds Live though, the Buds 2 Pro require a bit of fidgeting to get them seated in the ear properly. Traditional ear buds, and even Apple’s Airpods require little thought or adjustment beyond getting the right sized rubber or foam tips for a good seal. Samsung seems to go for more experimental designs which require learning and getting used to. After a few days use, they still aren’t “natural” to put in or locked into muscle memory—I have to fuss with them a bit to get a good seal. Once in though, I haven’t had any problems.Overall, I recommend these buds. They still aren’t perfect as the fit isn’t intuitive, battery life a little meager, and the noise cancellation is about 85-90%, not 100, but overall, solid headphones. Could you get way better sounding wired headphones for tons less money? Yes, for about $50 you can pick up a pair of Status CB-1’s and hear every fine detail in high fidelity. But in the wireless in-ear category, prioritizing convenience and mobility over everything else, these perform admirably. I’ve heard Sennheiser’s Momentum True Wireless 3 buds *might* edge these out in terms of sound quality, but they look a lot more bulky (stick out more from the ear and therefore may be less stable) and don’t have the automatic ambient sound pass-through feature. They also are a touch more money. On the upside though, they appear to be a more traditional bud design, so might be more straightforward to put in, but Airpods are probably still the easiest to put in and take out.But I plan on using the Buds 2 Pro for years before feeling the need to upgrade again. I’m satisfied with the purchase, though still wincing at the cost-to-performance ratio compared to wired options. Can’t knock a product for performing in the top tier of its specific market though, so I’ll give it 5 stars as a true wireless earbud, but would give it 4 in sound quality against cheaper wired in-ear and over-ear options.

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  2. randomlogic

    Worth itMy previous set of earbuds were $40 JBLs I bought a few years ago. They lasted a good long time, so I was hesitant to invest in anything more expensive than those. I instantly noticed how much nicer these Galaxy buds are, though.I love the texture of the case and the buds themselves. It’s like a plastic-suede feel. They fit well after I switched to the large silicone tips. I’m really impressed by how well they stay in place when I’m active. I don’t have to worry about a bud popping out while I’m exercising or doing yardwork. The only potential issue with how they fit is when I wear them to bed. They’re comfortable to wear, but when I roll onto my side, the touch function gets activated. I work around that by turning off the touch functionality when I go to sleep (easily done with the home screen widget).Sound quality seems great to me, but I am not a audiophile.The features these Galaxy buds have, compared to my previous set, make them worth the extra expenditure. You can customize the gestures: single, double, and triple-tap; long press left; and long press right can all be set through the Galaxy Wearable app. The case can wirelessly charge using the charging pad that I already own. I have a Galaxy phone, so I didn’t have to do anything to pair the new buds to my phone. The buds paired automatically, as soon as I removed them from the case. That was pretty sweet.This is my first experience with sound canceling buds. The function works so well that I had to deactivate it while I’m at work… I couldn’t hear my office desk phone ringing, even with only low volume music playing. If these buds last as long as my cheapo JBLs did, I will have absolutely no complaints.

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  3. Skel

    I would say goodIt has been a month now of using these earbuds the noise cancelation I would say it’s good just not all noises are canceled out like a small plane but in a big plane with a baby crying maybe that would be canceled out. Ok the sound I would say it’s good even though am deaf on right side but luckily volume balancing is a feature on these earbuds if you have samsung phone or tab. And the battery life like daaaaang it lasts for hours maybe like 4-6 hours depends on how much you using it and after the batteries almost dead you put them in the case and oh boy the earbuds are in a fast charging case like in 5 mins it was 45% charged already I was like “wow” ngl oh and BTW I got these earbuds when they were on a discount like 154.99$ so I went for that discount, alr that’s it

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  4. Vageena Hertz

    Great True Wireless BudsThe buds 2 pro sound great. I do find them brighter than my other headphones( buds+, sony wfx3, ue triple fi). After EQ adjustment to dampen the highs, they sound much much better. The bass sounds great too. It is noticeably better than the buds+. Overall, they sound really good and are an improvement over the buds+. Look at Crinacle’s review for a detailed and in depth analysis of the sound signature for these buds.The fit is also great. I use the large tips and they feel great in ear. The size of the buds are comparable to the buds+ but a bit smaller. I find the buds 2 pro to be much more comfortable than the buds+ and sonys. These just feel better in ear. I had no ear problems nor irritation nor inflammation using these for hours.Noise cancellation works good. As other have noted, the ambient sound control is either a Yes or No. They don’t have different levels of ambient noise control like the buds+. It is either on or off. I wish they kept the adjustments. That was one of the features that I found extremely useful in the software for the buds+.Touch controls works great. I had no issues using them. The software is also easy to use and customize controls if necessary.Overall, these are great and are a noticeable upgrade in sound and comfort over the buds+ and sony wfx3.

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  5. Dylan

    Great budsThe Samsung Galaxy buds 2 pro are a great wireless headphone set for galaxy phone users. I tested everything except mic quality and phone calls. I found that the comfort for these is there they are slightly smaller than the buds pro. In terms of noise cancelation they are great I wasn’t able to hear the fan that was blowing next to me. then I turned it of and could hear some fan noise then switched to ambient sound and could really hear the fan so that sums noise cancelation it works well. In terms of sound quality it can be a mixed bag depending on how new a video is for example I watched a dido live concert performance and it felt like I was there at the concert her voice came thru clearly. I tried some news videos and it didn’t sound as wide like the video seemed normal to average sound not like top tier stuff like you could get if you tried wired headsets or headphones. Movies sound great on these watched one scene in the hobbit smaugs voice came across well through the buds. One thing I will say is voices come in real clear on these so these will be great for those movies or music you listen to. I tested asmr videos they work great for that. Overall I’d give them an 8.5 out of 10 I think these are great so far its just a mixed bag when it comes to what content you listen to or watch some stuff sounds phenomenal and other stuff sounds average. I recommend playing with equalizer settings I preferred dynamic.

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  6. Adrian Bevan Harrison

    Best headphones I’ve ever owned. Worth the price!They are extremely powerful and offer a variety of sounds and boost. The noise canceling blocks out most thing so if your talking to someone make sure you turn it off or you won’t hear them. The only complaint I have is the silicone ear bud tips that come with it fall out after prolonged use. However amazon sells comfort foam tips that are able to withstand hours of use. With the case I can have high quality music for my 10 hour shifts without having to plug it in. And it works excellent with my Samsung phone synching up instantly. Very happy and worth the money.

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  7. Jorge Guacaneme

    Excelente 👌No soy comprador recurrente así que hacer esto de calificar me da pereza, pero estos audífonos se merecen mi tiempo, quiero dejar claro que trabajo en construcción con mucho ruido constante, así que están probados en áreas complicadas.En conclusión, buen material, buen sonido, comodos, su batería es muy duradera, un detalle incómodo es el sensor táctil en ocasiones se activa solo por el sudor de una prenda que uso en la cabeza en mi trabajo, pero solo desactivo los sensores que no necesito en su momento y es 5 estrellas.

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  8. Amber

    Great buds!They feel great and sound great. Very comfortable. I was replacing Jabra elite 75t and these are much better. Noise cancellation is meh (Jabra was much better at this), but that is not important to me. I’ve seen some people saying there are no instructions and no replacement buds. They are in there, just almost hidden. Instructions are in the top of the lid in a black sleeve(you really don’t need them, have your Bluetooth on and simply open your case and your phone will ask if you want to connect almost instantly. Then after that use the Galaxy Wearable app, it shows and tells you everything (taps for pause, etc.) You should already have it if you have a Samsung phone.) Buds are in a small paper like wrap wrapped in the chord. They are super light and I can barely feel them in my ears (I have pretty small ears). If fit and sound are important to you, get them, it’s very worth it. If noise cancellation is really what you are after I would say look into other buds.

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  9. Amazon Customer

    Best buds I’ve ever hadThese actually cancel out noise and dwork vetdry well. I use them at work dor business calls, driving home, walking and I have no outside noise and people don’t have an issue hearing me.

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  10. Mark D.

    These not beat Bose in noise cancellation/Never buying electronics from Amazon againFirst, as a Samsung galaxy owner, and of many of Samsung’s products, also reading reviews of these wanted to try them. Pro’s: Great sound, and if you have a Galaxy/Samsung phone stream less hookup and features. Second they have a very small case.Cons: Noise cancelling not even close to Bose Quiet comfort ii. Not sure who pays people to write articles stating this but it’s nonsense, Bose is much better. These barely hang tight in your ear, the touch sides are too sensitive, upon taking them out or putting them in you will press different functions.I will NOT be purchasing anything electronic from Amazon again! I was dissatisfied with the product and returned them. I received them in about 4 hours when I bought them, according to Amazon a week later they still have not received them from UPS. IF I BOUGHT AT BEST BUY OR WALMART I WOULD HAVE RETURNED THEM AND HAD MY REFUND ALREADY. AFTER SEVERAL FRUSTRATING CALLS TO AMAZON AND BEING CONNECTED TO PEOPLE WHOSE ENGLISH I CAN BARELY UNDERTAND AND TRYING TO GET PAST A LANGUAGE BARIER i AM STILL WAITING! I WILL ONLY PURCHASE NOVELTY ITEMS OR THINGS NOT FOUND EASILY WHERE I LIVE FROM AMAZON. I WILL BE MAKING MORE PURCHASES AT BRICK AND MORTAR STORES.

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