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Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Over-Ear Headphone – True Black Import To Shop ×Product customization General Description

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Brand Skullcandy
Model Name Crusher Evo
Color True Black
Form Factor Over Ear
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth 5.0

  • Crusher Adjustable Sensory Bass
  • Personal Sound customization via Skullcandy App
  • Up to 40 hours of battery life
  • Built-in Tile finding technology
  • Call, track and volume controls.Connectivity technology: Wired.Included components: User Guide


Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Over-Ear Headphone – True Black.

From the manufacturer

Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Headphones

Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Headphones

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Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Headphones

Specification: Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Over-Ear Headphone – True Black Import To Shop ×Product customization General Description

Product Dimensions

7.91 x 7.36 x 3.54 inches

Item Weight

0.01 ounces

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Currently item can be shipped only within the U.S. and to APOFPO addresses. For APOFPO shipments please check with the manufacturer regarding warranty and support issues.

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Item model number



1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

September 2 2020

Country of Origin



Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 7.91 × 7.36 × 3.54 cm

10 reviews for Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Over-Ear Headphone – True Black Import To Shop ×Product customization General Description

4.9 out of 5
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  1. Arkten Arachlassair

    Best headphones I’ve ever hadFirst of all, a bit about me that’s relevant. Idk if I’d call myself an audiophile per say, but, my range of hearing is fine to the level of better than most musicians.Nothing messes with me more than when I have a cheap pair of headphones which interfere with what I’m listening to…. If their cheap and they distort the sound, or, are insane with treble so as to be piercing, I’ll notice and it’ll probably be painful to my ears. Most of the audio ranges I hear are at the – 10 range, meaning, almost perfect hearing.That means, even on a $20 set of headphones, I’ll probably use them because of necessity, but hate the experience because of how much they interfere with my experience since I can tell if there’s a quality issue even at a very fine degree, I’ll find it and it’ll bug me, and, given that I have headphones on most of they day and listen to things frequently, it’s important that I buy quality headphones.So, I’m no stranger to Skull Candy. Their audio quality is the best of all the headphones I’ve had over the decades. The issue which always has me hesitant to buy them is a matter of durability.Most of my less expensive Skullcandy headphones have broken very easily, which sucked when I was on the go… It was to the point which I was hesitant to buy these headphones because of similar fears and the price…That said, these headphones were an investment, and and investment that panned out.I’ve been using the Crusher Evo headphones for more than a year now, constantly, daily, most of the day and even when sleeping, so, this review is based on almost 24/7 usage for more than a year… And…They’re still working amazing, the battery life is still phenomenal, the advertising that states they’re able to play for hours on a charge of only a few minutes is absolutely true too. I’ve accidentally stepped on them, I’ve slept with them on most nights, and nothing has happened except that, after such heavy usage, today one of the earpads got a tear around the edge that tucks under the plastic of the headphones which… Thankfully, they sell replacements for the foam.The product is sturdy, has a very nice feel, solid, durable weight and plastic, the foam wraps around the ears nicely, and I can easily get a proper, snug fit every time which, I have a big-ish head and long-ish ears, so, that’s not something that’s easy for me usually.Not only are they extremely comfortable and scream quality from their physical aspects, but it came with a rugged carrying bag and nice aux chord, and extremely high quality long charging cable. It didn’t come with a charging brick, but has worked with all the charging bricks I’ve used on them, including my Nintendo Switch charger.Now, all that’s fine… Being the most durable and comfortable feeling headphones is important… But, headphones can feel amazing, but have Crap sound quality so, that’s the aspect I love the most about these… That sound quality…. One word… Amazing…So, everything sounds accurate, there’s no distortion and, even having been playing things at max volume for a year straight, there’s still no distortion and everything sounds just as amazing as they used to. One of the aspects I love is the bass…That’s another thing I need to be spot on with headphones, bass. They could be clear, have accurate sound and everything, but of there is no bass, or the bass is very weak, I physically can’t use the headphones… That’s how important bass is to me… Furthermore, accurate bass is a necessity. Idk how many pairs of headphones I ended up chucking into the bin because, yeah, they had powerful bass, but that bass wasn’t accurate, and that bass lead to the rest of the sounds being obscured/distorted/sounding like someone is talking normally right next to a sub-woofer.These headphones play the bass loud, accurate, and do so without compromising the quality of the rest of the audio… And… Holy gods…. I was startled to the point the headphones flew off my ears by how powerful the bass is when you adjust the slider on them to max bass boost… Why? They vibrated intensely. Not in a bad way, as in, when you have them on and the bass hits and vibrates the speakers, you won’t be bothered by it/it won’t cause an unpleasant feeling, but it is there and…. Idk… I find I like it because it’s a part of the engineering of the headphones and not an unintended result.That said, these are, by far, the best audi investment I’ve ever made. I have used them constantly for a full year extremely heavily, and they’re still here and working just the same. By contrast, previously, I’d have gone through 5/6 pairs of other headphones by Now, so…. If you can afford these, get them.They are technically a headset unit, and actually prefer to take calls with them, but, I can’t tell you if the microphone quality is the best, just that I haven’t had any complaints from anyone, so, given that even with the best microphone on prior headsets, I got complaints, I’d imagine that is also good with these headphones because, I have never gotten a complaint or someone saying “You’re breaking up. What did you say?”.These will be used when I get back to mixing tracks and making music when I fix my computer, that’s how good they are.Tl;Dr – Worth it.

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  2. Justice

    These are the best cans I have ever bought!Quality quality quality! These are the headsets you get for all around performance! Movies and music I use them and by far super sick! Truly the goods! Noise cancellation what, we don’t have it, did you want not want to feel involved in the action! Ask anyone about an affordable pair of headphones to sound good with nois cancellation. Ok between my old headphones Sol and Boltune which for on a lower price range had Beats on the run and for the money! Comfortable and last for the time you will enjoy on your head for the time you use them. 40 hours is dope but I’m not taking a test on my ears for that long! Long story short these are a cross version headphones that work all across different platforms! No amp??? Ok buy the system setup, this is out the box with the app tuner is something to be talked about because I remember listening to headphones that are meant to be flat but this is not flat, juicy sounds! But bass comptroller is crazy! Long story short, wait I thought we already gave this a top review?

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  3. Kikemotions

    Un digno sucesor…Quise hacer esta reseña comparándolo con el modelo Original, Crusher Wireless, ya que lo tengo desde hace 3 años y eran mis audífonos favoritos hasta ahora.Comenzaré diciendo que escuchar música en unos audífonos como estos es más que solo el sonido y se vuelve una experiencia divertida. Cada cambio de canción es una sorpresa al ver como el bajo haptico convierte una buena canción en una rumba.Me encanta la música y tengo varios audífonos de distintas clases, On ear, Over Ear, In Ear, de Conducción Osea, y Neckbands. He pasado por JBL S400BT, Samsung U Pro, 1 More Double driver ANC Pro, Aftershokz Trekz Air, Nura entre otros , pero además he podido probar Bosé QC35 y los Sony’s WH-x1000M3.Comparado con Sony y Bosé, estos audífonos son distintos pero de buena manera. Quizás no tengan la apertura, el brillo y la calidad de esos modelos, pero depende los géneros que escuches, puede llegar a ser una experiencia superior.Cómo tuve unos Crusher Wireless OG quiero compararlos con esos, y la principal diferencia está en la manera en que manejan el bajo. Los Crusher Wireless suenan como si tuvieses un bajo dentro del baúl/cajuela del carro, con un sonido potente pero plano que se siente porque pone a vibrar todo el carro, pero es boomy y hay canciones donde la frecuencia de bajo no la coge y la música suena como si tuvieras en nivel de bajo apagado, a excepción de uno que otro momento. Hasta ahora pensé que eran los audífonos con mejor bajo que había podido probar seguidos de los Sony BT950XB y los JBL S400BT, pero después de escuchar el poder de los Crusher Evo, es otra dimensión.Este bajo siente como bajo de Sub Woofer o de uno de los JBL Boombox, con bajos profundos que retumban y hacen que se multiplique el poder del bajo.Para ponerlo en palabras onomatopeyicas, el bajo de los CW suena Boooooooooooooommm plano mientras que los CE suenan Booo wooo wooo wooo y sientes cuando el bajo haptico va hacia adelante y hacia atrás.Con el nivel de bajo apagado, los audífonos son decentes, con una buena amplitud/soundstage y separación de instrumentos. Son brillantes, pero no tan brillantes como los CW, sino más bien un poco tibios, sin dejar de sonar muy bien en altos y medios.La opción de usar la App es muy buena, porque permite personalizar el sonido de los audífonos según nuestra respuesta a una serie de sonidos que vamos descartando. Aparte, tiene modo para podcast y otro para películas y todos funcionan muy bien.En la parte física, me gusta la calidad de los materiales; se sienten más premium que los CW, y mucho más robustos. El peso es similarz aunque la fuerza de la diadema esmayor en los CW, haciendo que estos sean mucho más cómodos. Pero aún así, requieren de una ajustada cada hora más o menos para evitar la fatiga de la oreja. (En mi caso, ya que soy de cara ancha)De los CW originales extraño los botones, que son más grandes y de mejor diseño + o – en vez de 3 botones.Probé también los Crusher ANC y suenan muy similar, pero el ANC no es tan bueno así que no vale la pena pagar de más.+ El poder del bajo+ los materiales de construcción+ La horma de la diadema es más cerrada y sobresalen menos por los lados.+ Estos usan codecs SBC y AAC, por lo que funcionan bien para Apple y Android. (Aunque a mí me gusta más el sonido en SBC, porque tiene mayor ganancia y el bajo pega más duro.)+ Los colores en los que vienen+ El precio+ El material de los pads es muy bueno+ El sonido es muy bueno y el bajo no ahoga medios y altos.+ Mejor respuesta a frecuencias bajas.- El aislamiento pasivo es mejor en los CW. Estos dejan que entrar mucho ruido externo a bajo volumen. Aunque apenas subes ya no escuchas nada más. 🤣- Sigue viniendo con un Pouch(estuche suave) que aunque es práctico si los llevas adentro del maletín, para colgarlos por fuera con una carabina es mejor un estuche rígido.- No se pueden conectar a 2 dispositivos al tiempo como los CW originales.- No se puede usar el Bajo Haptico con la conexión por cable cuando están descargados como en los CW.+ O – No he podido probar, pero los CW traían un micrófono en el cable que permitía usarlos de manos libres con la conexión por cable, estos no traen micrófono en linea, pero por los plugs, parece que usan el micrófono de los mismos audífonos. Cuando pruebe, actualizo la reseña.

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  4. Dave Pierce

    Met expectations and then some …I watch a lot of movies on my iPad and was intrigued by the idea of having headphones that provide a tactile experience via low frequency effects. However, these type of product promises are more often a disappointment than not. The sheer number of positive reviews is what convinced me to give them a try … and I’m so glad I did.When the bass control slider is all the way down (off), these are very capable headphones for casual listening with a basic, reasonably flat response. When you begin to introduce even a small amount of sensory bass boost, you realize that these headphones are something very unique and special. In my case, movies and games come alive with a sense of being in the middle of the action.Above and beyond the experience is an excellent build quality you can see and feel the first time you touch them. They are indeed a little heavier than most headphones of this size, but that’s the small price you pay for the additional sensory hardware built into the ear cups. I find the headphones comfortable for several hours at a time.I for one am glad I purchased mine and find it very easy to recommend them.Are the Crusher Evo’s worth the price paid? They sure are!!

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  5. ES

    Mind your ears!This headphone is very capable of deafening you permanently in minutes. No joke, do not recommend giving them to young children as it could quite easily harm their hearing forever! Headphones are very well made and ooze good quality. Not keen on the carry pouch as opposed to the much nicer cases. But even the pouch is top quality materials and perfectly adequate for it job. I thoroughly recommend using the Skullcandy app to get the most out of your phone. Crusher EVO even comes with a built in tile tracker. Not sure why? Using a parametric equalizer is essential to get the most out of these VERY loud headphones. Its quality of sound is surprisingly good. But these are about bass, lots and lots of bass! There is a manual bass slider on the headphones and well places actual buttons for controlling your media. Comfort is not great. Ear wells are very small and the head cushion is not well designed and pressed down hard after a while. But, these are not something you will want to use for hours and hours. Because they are so powerful! It’s really like being too close to the main speakers at a rock concert…..on your head! They don’t use traditional drivers and as such can get more range without muddling the mids highs and lows. These are fun, not to be taken too seriously. If you like really punchy bass, read, BASS and have access to IEM’S or open backs, then get them. They are really fun! These are seriously powerful headphones and you only get one set of ears. But, you don’t need the volume to get the bass as its got it from the bottom of the dial! It’s a solid headphone. Well made and look great. Battery life is amazingly good 40 to 50 hours easy and it just feels nice, everything is just done right. I like mine and when I want to feel like I’m at a concert they work wonders. Movies sound excellent! No ANC and no LDAC is a shame. But who needs ANC? Trust me, you won’t hear anything apart from your music! LDAC missing is a shame. But they still sound good. Can be used wired and have a port on each ear. Some people think they have motors in them to just vibrate the bass. They don’t! They don’t use traditional speaker cones and that sound is real! They are just fun, very loud and very well made headphones. For this price point you can’t do much better. 10/10 Recommended.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    The only headphones I’ve ever found with a lot of bass.For years I’ve been searching for headphones with a lot of bass and a lot of volume. I’ve gone through so many web searches for headphones with both, and I’m always disappointed with what I get. Finally I’ve come to this set. Now first off, I like my music louder and I like more bass than most people, I think. For what that’s worth. I find these headphones… loud enough for sort-of loud listening for long periods. I’d like them to be louder, but if they were, they wouldn’t really be safe for long-term listening. So they’re adequate from that point of view. Now the bass, is where these really shine. I never thought I’d find headphones that had TOO MUCH bass, but these headphones can get there. These headphones produce surprisingly solid and deep bass. I thought the vibration effect was going to be a gimmick that I would just turn off, but unlike other Skullcandy earphones, this effect works. Even with the bass adjustment slider at only 20%, music has a very full, solid bottom end. When I do some rap with a lot of bass, I can turn the slider up more, and although it’s nowhere near as loud, it’s similar to being in a car with good subwoofers, just surrounding you with bass. Listening to rock and heavy metal, the drums and bass are much more full and really gives the music some body. I really wish I could get another, like 3 db out of these headphones, but so far they’re pretty usable for listening to music all day long while I’m working. And if you like bass, trust me, these headphones are the only game in town. Don’t even bother with anything else, it’ll be crap.

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  7. Alexa

    Ummm yes…Honestly….I bought a pair of skull candy ear buds from radio shack when I was 14 years old and have always held on to the brand as the “best ever”. Welp…14 years later I can’t say I was ever wrong. If you’re going to buy some headphones just get these ones and stop looking at the others. Insanely nice packaging, amazing piercing friendly and super soft design and great bass. Another reviewer said they were disappointed with the “artificial” bass and all I have to say about that is who the f cares? It sounds amazing!

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  8. Lita

    Bass Extreme but only when loudFirstly the box was very weighty. The headphones feel great, though I found they sat weird on my head and it took a minute to find how they sit best for me. The headband isn’t very padded. The pride decal on the headband looks very cheap. It’s a nice touch it just doesn’t look like it was executed as well as it could have been.The bag is nice feeling pleather with embroidery details and a rainbow strip at the opening. The inside is super soft and has two pockets for cords, etc.The headphones have little to no noise canceling, BUT they also don’t seem to bleed sound so you can blast your music and won’t disturb others. I had my music with the haptic bass all the way up and my wife said she maybe heard a tiny sound but she had to strain to try and head it.Sound quality is great as expected from Skullcandy. Know WHAT sort of sound experience you like. Skullcandy in general tends to lean into bass more then high range so that’s to be expected.The Haptic Bass is the key feature here. Having music at a reasonable volume and the haptic base slider even just a little up gives a nice physical bass feel that enhances bass in music. Turning the volume and haptic bass all the way to the max will vibrate your soul. General agreement in my household is you lose out on the high and mid ranges with it turned up. The bass drowns out a lot and you get a more muddy sound. Personally I was looking for something that would be more bass heavy and don’t care about losing the highs in exchange for heavier lows. With the bass turned off you can watch a show and it sounds just fine.Final thoughts if you’re looking for headphones to give you a heavy bass but also work well for basic listening (podcasts, shows, etc) these are perfect. Overall I am very pleased with them. Fingers crossed I don’t wear out them out to fast.

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  9. WF

    haptic dingdongs work surprisingly well with some types of musicStraight to business, let’s address the cons (kind of) or misconceptions about these headphones. Yes, there is real bass but if you’re expecting the headphones to shake out of how much bass there actually is, don’t. As you’ve probably noticed already the bass slider isn’t really for the adjusting how much bass there is inside of the headphones, but basically adjusting the haptic motors (the stuff in controllers and whatnot that makes them vibrate) . Also, these headphones are actually on the quieter side of headphones so if you were looking for loud headphones, look elsewhere. The sensory bass doesn’t always work with a lot of songs and actually murders some of them, acting as a very annoying vibrator when you have it turned on. Alright, now that all of the cons I could think of are out of the way, let’s go on to the pros.The build quality is good, doesn’t feel like I could break them unless I actually wanted to. They fit very nicely on my head ( what with the rotating earcups and flexibility and all ) I still have to adjust them sometimes but I think that goes for all headphones.The fact that these aren’t that loud are actually fine, I wear these for long periods of time ( don’t want that tinnitus ).Even my gripe with the fact that these murder some songs when you have the bass slider turned up, is kind of canceled out with the fact that you can just adjust it or just straight up turn it off for songs it just doesn’t work with.I really like putting these on with lo-fi music, the haptic motors really give extra oomph to the kicks and since these aren’t that (hot?) in terms of tuning, I feel like it’s a fun and pleasant experience with this genre and has mainly been what I’ve been using it for.5/5 not what I bought it for but all things considered I’ll take it.

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  10. Aja S.

    they’re nothing without the bassi love love love bass in music which is exactly why i bought these. i had originally been using the airpods max before buying these and what one lacks, the other has. with the airpods max, the sound quality is absolutely amazing but the bass is severely lacking. with the skull crushers the sound quality is ok and there’s absolutely no bass when the bass slider is all the way at the bottom. in my opinion the bass slider stops increasing the bass at about halfway, i don’t notice a difference after that point. however, the bass is still insane. it rattles my teeth at times and if my mouth is relaxed my lips will start to vibrate. i love watching movies with these headphones and the skullcandy app allows for a “movie mode” which is also great. i think these headphones could be a little less expensive for what they do but over all these were a good purchase.

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