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No Mess Cold Brew Coffee Filters – 100 Count Disposable Fine Mesh Brewing Bags for Concentrate/Iced Coffee Maker, French/Cold Press Kit, Hot Tea in…

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  • Easy Use Cold Brew Coffee Maker Filter Bags – over 1 cup capacity bags (4″ x 6″), Recommended 100g grounds in 32oz mason jar. Use with your favorite cold brew coffee grounds, the cold brew bags filter well all kinds of coffee grounds, no matter coarse or fine
  • Disposable, Use Without Mess – No need to rinse, wash another nylon mesh or cotton filter! This single use cold brew filter bags are as easy as: put the coffee grounds into this filter, brew with cool water and steeping in the fridge overnight (12-15 hours). The next day you’ll get a concentrate that can be served on ice right away or stored for up to two weeks
  • Save Money and Time – Cold brew coffee is amazingly simple to make at home. Zastop Sld With the disposable cold brew coffee bags, you’ll have the perfect glass of cold brew and will never have to buy it from the store again. Also works great as an extra large tea bag infuser pouch, lemon citrus, hot tea & fruit water infuser, home brewing, dry hopping, hop bag or spice sack for soups and boils
  • Money Back – Your customer satisfaction is our top priority, so we offer a free replacement or refund If you aren’t fully satisfied with the product within 90 days.

Specification: No Mess Cold Brew Coffee Filters – 100 Count Disposable Fine Mesh Brewing Bags for Concentrate/Iced Coffee Maker, French/Cold Press Kit, Hot Tea in…

Package Dimensions

8.82 x 6.61 x 2.09 inches

Item Weight

4.6 ounces

Date First Available

2022, March 15

10 reviews for No Mess Cold Brew Coffee Filters – 100 Count Disposable Fine Mesh Brewing Bags for Concentrate/Iced Coffee Maker, French/Cold Press Kit, Hot Tea in…

4.9 out of 5
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  1. J. Vine

    I’ve now purchased and used both the 4×6 size as well as the larger 8×12 bags. Both can make good tasting cold brew, in my opinion, but there are some tradeoffs. The smaller bags are a little cumbersome to fill if you are making a large batch and a little messier to remove and discard when you are finished. The larger bags are much more convenient to fill, but if you get the too full and the mouth of your brewing vessel is not very large, they can be a little challenging to remove once the grounds swell up with water. Overall, I prefer using the larger bags, but have learned not to fill them more than about halfway full for my brewing vessel (a larger jar). I usually make a one to six ratio and use about 2000ml of water. Two of the large bags seems to do the trick.

    I will say that with both sizes, and depending on your grind size, expect some sediment and sludge. I am still exploring the best way to filter at the end without a bunch of hassle or loss of texture.

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  2. Amazon Customer

    Perfect for the tub teas I’m making as gifts. Nothing leaks out even when I hold upside down
    It’s just unfortunate that 2 weeks after buying them the 1st time the price has now almost doubled 🙁

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  3. Tammy B.

    perfect for what I needed. Will buy agian
    Easy clean up

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  4. Katherine M.

    Ok, so I bought these but didn’t even use them for the first couple days because I was so skeptical. I thought they wouldn’t work or that the coffee would taste horrible. Plus I really didn’t want to use an entire cup of coffee in the bags because it sounded like such a waste to me.

    Well, let me tell you…. I used normal Dunkin ground coffee that I already had sitting around, put it in one of the bags (reminded myself to buy a funnel or something like that later because the bags have such a small opening), filled my pitcher up with water and put it in the fridge and viola, the next morning I had the best damn iced coffee ever!

    I am dead serious when I say it’s been 5 days and I haven’t been to a coffee shop at all. Now that may not seem like a big thing, but I’ve been hooked on coffee and buying it from either Starbucks or Dunkin since about 2002. EVERY. DAY. That’s no exaggeration and I honestly can’t believe I like this cold brew like this. I usually get “fancier” drinks than just cold brews, but this is hitting the spot, and I can always buy things to make it even better, but I don’t think I have to right now. As for using an entire cup to make it, well, my first pitcher has lasted about 5 days so far so I really don’t think it’s a waste anymore.

    Anyway, to make a long review short, this little baggie system is really easy and tastes really great! You can make it as strong or as weak as you want by taking the bag out early(12 hrs) or later (24 hrs). Oh, and don’t forget to stir it! Other than that, I highly recommend this!!

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  5. Brie

    These are amazing! Tired of cleaning a metal filter, and willing to care slightly less about the environment? These are perfect for filling with coffee to brew in our 1.5 gallon dispenser. Pretty easy to get out of the one we use, but since the coffee expands we have had to wedge it out a couple of times if we’ve overfilled the bag.

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  6. Robert C. O. Gross

    I was a bit nervous purchasing these. I was happily surprised at how well these worked. I make cold brew coffee with a Bodem Cold Brew coffee maker. it’s messy. I bought these bags to put the grounds in. Four or five rounded scoops into the bags, tie them off securely, throw them in the bottom of the pitcher. Add water and put in the fridge overnight. I use the plunger and work the bag of grounds a few times. The first time i used these, i poured the cold brew in another container, took the bag out, let it drain and threw it away. I didn’t find one errant ground.

    Yes, I’m very pleased with these.

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  7. Cyn

    These things do the trick but they’re not the greatest. I really don’t have anything to compare them to because they are the first and only filters of this type I have used. I got them to make cold brew coffee and sun tea. I never got to try them to make tea yet. I have made cold brew a few times from them. The bags have to sit in the water longer before being extracted in order to get the right amount of coffee extracted. As I have researched, this is due to the bag being less permeable than other filters. There are pros and cons to that. Pro: you can use a finer grind such as store-bought pre-ground coffee and it will not get through the filter and into your cold brew extract. Con: your brewing / steeping process will take longer. I brew for a minimum of 24 hours with these filters. I brew closer to 32 to 36 hours. The other issue is that some of the fibers from the bag stay in the cold brew concentrate when you remove the filter. Those are really the only issues that I have experienced. I have purchased a cold brew press and they are messy to clean. I’m not sure that it’s good to have all of those coffee grinds going down a drain when washing the press either. I bought these mesh filters to make cleanup easier. They’re supposed to be compostable as well. Overall I like them. I’d like to try some others as well so I have something to compare them to. The price is definitely much cheaper than other filters on amazon.

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  8. Lafon Jones

    No complaints. Super fine silt will still pass through but not a product defect

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  9. Brandon Berryhil

    These have been great for making large batches of tea. I’d assume it works just as well for coffee

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  10. ROB D

    These are easy to tie and dispose of. To get a cup of grounds in requires compressing them with a spoon (non-compressed I think it holds about 3/4 cup of grounds), and I did hear one filter bag start to rip open when I packed it too hard, but it didn’t actually split and having learned that lesson, I have no issues using them. I’d definitely recommend these.

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