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Nostalgia PCM205AQ Hard & Sugar-Free Cotton Candy Maker, Aqua

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  • FLOSSING SUGAR OR HARD CANDIES: Unique extractor head allows you to use traditional flossing sugar or your favorite hard candies to make delicious cotton candy
  • COTTON CANDY KITS: Make cotton candy with these great Nostalgia cotton candy kits! (Cotton Candy Flossing Sugar – CCFS300, Hard Candy Party Kit – HCK800)
  • SIMPLE OPERATION: Warm up the unit, add your flossing sugar, and enjoy your cotton candy in just a few short minutes
  • RETRO DESIGN: This unit has retro design and details that will bring you back to the time of record-spinning jukeboxes and American muscle cars
  • CLEAR RIM GUARD: Acts as a protective guard and lets you watch the cotton candy being made
  • ACCESSORIES: Includes 2 reusable cones, 1 sugar scoop, and 1 extractor head
  • EASY CLEANING: Unit disassembles for easy cleaning
  • EXTRA STABILITY: Suction cup feet keep the unit in place and provide extra stability during use
  • SAFETY FIRST: Thoroughly clean Cotton Candy machine after each use. Refer to included Instruction Manual for best cleaning results. DO NOT allow sugar to enter the sides of the extractor head. DO NOT operate if sugar DOES enter sides of extractor head.

Specification: Nostalgia PCM205AQ Hard & Sugar-Free Cotton Candy Maker, Aqua

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2.85 pounds


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Date First Available

2020, December 14

10 reviews for Nostalgia PCM205AQ Hard & Sugar-Free Cotton Candy Maker, Aqua

4.5 out of 5
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  1. Angel vanburger

    My 6 year old and 12 year old wanted to get the cotton candy mechanic. art first I was hesitant that they would burn themselves and make a mess. Clean up has been easy and the machine is safe. There’s no exposed heat whit making the can that can be touched from the outside.

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  2. Amon Ra

    I gave as a gift to my sister. She was so happy to receive it . She said it brought back memories of her as a child. She did respond with the fact that it didn’t make the cotton candy big and Fluffy like she’s accustomed to. Other then that she enjoys it. Great for older people too as you can see now,

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  3. Leah G

    So much fun to break this out at bday parties. Go to YouTube to see how to use the cone thing. It’s really easy to use and clean

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  4. Gee

    My kids and I got this for a block party. We ended up making so much cotton candy with this. Even made jolly rancher cotton candy!! Sky is the limit! Just allow yourself to play around with it and in no time, you’ll be a cotton candy wizard!

    It’s suctioned on the bottom which helps keep it steady. When the sugar forms along the edges, I use the end of a spoon or a chopstick and glide it across to knock it down so it doesn’t stick to the cotton candy that’s forming.

    I purchased the cotton candy sugar tubs and it’s amazing how little you use to make cotton candy! Those will last me a very long time!

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  5. Ivan McConnell

    My daughter received a cotton candy machine for her bday. The instructions said you can use sugar or hard candy. We used the candy and after the warming process, the candy started making the cotton candy very fast. We ordered this sugar and after putting in the sugar it didn’t start the cotton candy right away. Just have to let it run for a bit, for the same amount of sugar as candy. This sugar made way way more and didn’t make cotton candy as fast that we could hardly wrap it fast enough. Well worth it for sure and will last forever. I think u get about 80 cotton floss per bottle.

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  6. Wendy Garcia

    Used this at a party for one of my kids. Makes great cotton candy and was fun for them to use (teens). Takes a while to make each one, but they socialized around it while they were waiting.

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  7. Nica Cope

    It works surprisingly well and is a lot of fun. So far we’ve only used hard candy on the machine. Most have worked great, some candies have been duds. I don’t think it was the machine’s fault just trial and error at this point. Using the cones has been difficult but what we found works great is with wooden chopsticks. We use one as the “cone” and the other to pull up and wrap around until the fluff on the “cone” gets big enough to just start turning it on its own.
    Some of our favorite hard candies have been sugar free fruit flavored if you want the more original cotton candy type flavors- but rootbeer barrels are amazing if you like the strong almost licorice taste, If you like spice, cinnamon hard candies, or these hard candy balls from Mexico with chili powder mix in the middle absolutely awesome just be careful not to inhale the chili powder that end up in the cotton, most does end up staying in the spinning bowl.
    For sour so far the best have been Jolly ranchers, watermelon is the best.

    Also, my kids love pulling the scraps off the side after we’ve done a few flavors to try out the “mix.”

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  8. ellemnopee

    This box of cotton candy mix arrived with the safety seal sticker peeling off. I initially thought that maybe heat or handling had curled the edges of the tape, but when I opened the box and took out the three jars, I found that all of them had loose caps and all three had their inner aluminum seals half peeled open as well! This is for a children’s birthday party and there is no way I plan on serving this to anyone. I am returning the item tomorrow and warn everyone to check the security of their food products from this seller.

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  9. Dana R.

    The flavor is good, kids love it, it seems like you have to use more than other brands, but even still it’s a good combination of flavors. Would be nice if there were other flavors or a way to pick &choose which ones you want. It is a little pricey for 3 bottles, but its not bad if your using it for personal use anyway.

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  10. Brett Coleman

    I bought this for my daughter’s birthday party. It worked well for our small group of five kids. It is easy to use. It does take some time to build up enough to make a decent amount of cotton candy, so if you have a large group you are trying to provide for in a reasonable amount of time, this might not be for you. It is fun and the kids love it

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