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Marna White Piggy Steamer, 8-1/2″

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  • PRODUCT INFORMATION – durable, flexible, heat-resistant silicone, Safe for use in the microwave or dishwasher. SIZE: 8.5 x 1.0 in.

Specification: Marna White Piggy Steamer, 8-1/2″

Product Dimensions

8.9 x 0.2 x 10.4 inches

Item Weight

6.4 ounces

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

2012, April 25

6 reviews for Marna White Piggy Steamer, 8-1/2″

4.7 out of 5
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  1. SusieQ

    Like the little piggy for cooking rice. Even though a glass lid with a vent hole should work the same, I think piggy works more efficient. The only thing that would make piggy better would be a loop handle to pick it up off the pot. It fits perfect on the pot and you have to use something to lift it up and off the pot. Careful so you don’t get a steam burn. Assorted sizes would also be nice. Easy to clean and store.

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  2. NYC Jan

    I love this piggy! I put it over a bowl when I want to heat up something in the microwave and it keeps the microwave splatter-free. Highly recommend!!!!

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  3. Dr. Sean Henry

    Enjoying this steamer, which I first heard about as a recommended product on a popular cooking show on the radio. I use it daily, and chiefly/mundanely to keep my breakfast slow-cooking oatmeal from splattering in the microwave. I just bought a second one to take to the office. At 8-1/2 inches in diameter, it fits well over the lid of a soup bowl (in the microwave) or small-to-medium saucepan (on the stove). Do not expect to use it as a splatter guard on a big dinner plate in the microwave.

    Since I’ve bought this item, I have read Skimmer’s helpful review about this item’s primary use as a Japanese otoshibuta that you can drop down inside pans on top of sauces and sauces to distribute the heat evenly and avoid a lot of stirring and splatter (like you get with hot bursting spaghetti sauce bubbles on the stove). I look forward to using the product that way, since i make a lot of soups and sauces. I may even try it with my stone ground grits!

    One critical review complained that the steamer sinks down too much in the middle in the microwave. I have not encountered that problem when I place the steamer properly. Another critical review complained that this stained easily. I have not encountered that either. This item is made of silicone, which is nonporous, so it won’t soak up anything that stains, but stains may appear on the surface, especially after you put it on top of tomato sauce, beet borscht, etc. while cooking. Stains should clean away easily, but don’t expect this item to retain its pristine whiteness after regular use!

    I love this item and look forward to trying it out to its full potential in the future.

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  4. Ted M

    Use this to cover bowls being heated in microwave. Contains the splatter. Easy to clean.

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  5. LondonPeach

    My other cover is a domed piece of plastic but the moulded handle didn’t rise above the dome but was recessed which meant it often went into the food if it was place over a bowl. An being plastic I didn’t like their of my food being microwaved around plastic. Conversely, it works great for plates as food is rarely piled up high enough to touch the handle. This has just the opposite benefits, it fits nicely on too of bowls and even if food touches the bottom, given it’s food grade silicone I worry less about it touching my food. You can also sit it on top of food on a plate, but depending on how you’ve piled on the food it may slide off to one side while the food is rotating. So for now I’ve kept my previous cover for these situations. Given 90% of the time I’m reheating food in a bowl or deep dish I didn’t feel it was worth knocking off a star for the plate issue. If I could give it 4.5 stars I would.

    That aside, everything else is great about this. Cute whimsical design, so ridiculously easy to clean (so far no food has gotten stuck in the nostrils) and never gets hot (although I’ve never used it for longer than 5mins). I’ve yet to try it with boiling food to see how that works, but I also didn’t buy it for this function. I’ll update my review accordingly if I ever do decide to use it for this.

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  6. catamountain

    It does a great job controlling splattering in the microwave. Another big benefit from this cover design is how reheated food heats up faster and more thoroughly than using no cover or a thin film of plastic. For example, I used to reheat a bowl of soup by clicking on the automatic reheat option on the microwave. After that step finished, I would need to stir the soup (as the center was still cool) then set the microwave to run for another minute or more to bring up the soup temperature. With this steamer lid, all I needed to do was use the automatic reheat option in the microwave. So this lid improved the results when using a microwave with a reheat sensor.

    I plan on getting more, but probably not white. I frequently use tomato-based sauces so the silicone does get an orange, blotchy stain that does not come out with ordinary dish soap. But a simple, “green” household cleaner one can mix up does effectively remove the stain. In an opaque squirt bottle (light reacts with the hydrogen peroxide) add 2 cups water (distilled optional), 1 cup hydrogen peroxide (from the local drug store), and 1/4 cup lemon juice (fresh or concentrated). Mix. After cleaning the steamer lid, spray on the stain, and let it air dry (seems to work best if the lid is left stain-side up.) One treatment usually is not enough, but I have not needed to spray the surface more than 3 times. The cleaner can be used on all sorts of household surfaces, cutting through assorted messes, and helps me keep various white plastic parts looking white.

    I only rated it 4 stars because, in an ideal world, white silicone doesn’t stain. Other than that, it’s a wonderful product that will see a lot of use.

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