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AKG Pro Audio K371 Over-Ear, Closed-Back, Foldable Studio Headphones   Import  Single ASIN  Import  Multiple ASIN ×Product

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Brand AKG
Model Name K371
Color Black
Form Factor Over Ear
Connectivity Technology Wired
  • Closed-Back, Oval Over-Ear Design Offers Superior Isolation, Improved Low-Frequency Response, Ergonomic Fit
  • Largest-In-Class, Titanium-Coated 50Mm Transducers With Pure Ofc Voice Coils
  • Engineered To Match Akg’S Reference Response Curve Acoustic Target For Accurate, Neutral Sound. Features: Best-In-Class Frequency Response: 5 Hz To 40 Khz, Best-In-Class Sensitivity: 114 Db And Optimal 32-Ohm Impedance To Supports A Range Of Sound Sources
  • Country Of Origin : China



Product Description

Whether you’re a musician, engineer, podcaster, video editor or content producer, you’re always in creative mode. AKG K371 Professional Studio Headphones strike the perfect balance between studio-quality sound, plush comfort, and a sleek, sturdy design that stands up to your mobile lifestyle. K371s are precision-engineered to match AKG’s Reference Response acoustic target to reproduce natural, balanced audio in extraordinary detail, so you can make more confident decisions when you’re mixing and editing. They deliver deeper bass and higher highs than any other model in their class, with a stunning frequency response of 5 Hz to 40 kHz. Plush, ergonomic earcups cradle your ears in supreme comfort—because once you hear how amazing your K371s sound, you won’t ever want to take them off.

From the Manufacturer

AKG 371 Professional Studio Headphones strike the perfect balance between professional-grade quality and consumer-friendly fit, comfort and portability. Combining cutting-edge performance, AKG’s Reference Response Curve tuning, extended frequency response and supremem comfort in a closed-back, over-the-ear folding design, the K371 headphones are perfectly suited for life in the studio or on the go.

From the manufacturer

AKG K371 Over Ear Studio Headphones

AKG K371 Over Ear Studio Headphones

K371 Headphones combine performance, accuracy and comfort in a new folding design that’s tailor-made for life in the studio or on the go.

AKG K371 Over Ear Studio Headphones
Key Features
  • Top Class frequency response: 5 Hz to 40 kHz
  • Ultra-light weight: 255 grams (8.9 oz)
  • Sleek, stylish design
  • Versatile accessories included
  • Largest-in-class, 50mm transducers with pure OFC voicecoils

AKG K371 Over Ear Closed Back Studio Headphones

Whether you’re an artist, engineer, podcaster, video editor or content producer, you’re always in creative mode. AKG K371 Professional Studio Headphones strike the perfect balance between studio-quality sound, plush comfort, and a sleek, sturdy design that stands up to your mobile lifestyle.

K371s are precision-engineered to match AKG’s Reference Response acoustic target to reproduce natural, balanced audio in extraordinary detail, so you can make more confident decisions when you’re mixing and editing. They deliver deeper bass and higher highs than any other model in their class, with a stunning frequency response of 5 Hz to 40 kHz. Plush, ergonomic earcups cradle your ears in supreme comfort—because once you hear how amazing your K371s sound, you won’t ever want to take them off.

AKG K371 Over Ear Studio Headphones

AKG K371 Over Ear Studio Headphones

AKG K371 Over Ear Studio Headphones

Unveil the Detail

When it comes to reference headphones, nothing matters more than accuracy: K371s feature high-sensitivity, largest-in-class 50mm drivers and pure oxygen-free copper voice coils for the utmost acoustic precision, delivering clear, detailed and balanced lows, mids and highs across their stunning 5 Hz to 40 kHz frequency range. You’ll hear every detail you need to make critical mix decisions, from the deepest lows to the most sparkling highs.

Supreme Comfort Meets Sleek Style

The K371’s over-ear, closed-back design provides superior isolation in noisy environments. Headphones are gorgeously styled with plush, slow-retention foam pads for long-wearing comfort, with adjustable calibrated headbands that deliver a perfect fit, every time. Earcups swivel 90 degrees for single-ear monitoring, and their feather-light weight keeps ear fatigue at bay, even on the longest listening sessions.

Robust Design for Mobile Lifestyles with Versatile Accesories

You can be confident that the K371s will keep up with your active lifestyle, knowing they’ve passed rigorous stress tests that ensure reliability in even the most demanding conditions. Metal-reinforced parts add extra strength where it counts.

K371 accessories include a protective carrying pouch and detachable cables that connect to both professional and consumer equipment; cables include 3m (9.8’) coiled cable, 3m (9.8′) and 1.2m (2.5’) straight cables and a ¼-inch adapter.

AKG K371 Bluetooth Over Ear Studio Headphones

AKG K371 Bluetooth Over Ear Studio Headphones

AKG K371 Bluetooth Over Ear Studio Headphones

AKG K371 Bluetooth Over Ear Studio Headphones

Perfect for Musicians

Perfect for Vloggers

Perfect for Podcasters

Perfect for Gamers

Specification: AKG Pro Audio K371 Over-Ear, Closed-Back, Foldable Studio Headphones   Import  Single ASIN  Import  Multiple ASIN ×Product

Product Dimensions

3 x 3 x 3 inches

Item Weight

9 ounces



Item model number


Date First Available

August 26 2019

Country of Origin



Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 cm

10 reviews for AKG Pro Audio K371 Over-Ear, Closed-Back, Foldable Studio Headphones   Import  Single ASIN  Import  Multiple ASIN ×Product

4.4 out of 5
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  1. Jenna Castellanos

    Better than m50xYup. I’m going there. I’m issuing that challenge.I bought these after my m40x cans died. I was originally going to buy the m50x’s even though I didn’t like them the last time I tried them. I need something that’s neutral for my music production, and I don’t have hundreds to shell out. I bought these on the recommendation of a friend. Compared to the m50x, they are more comfortable, less aggressive in their sound, use a mini XLR connector instead of that silly recessed mini jack, and have more modern styling.The headband is comfy and the earcups are very plush. I think the silicone headband will last, but the pleather stuff never does. Feels good when new though.As for sound, it is indeed quite neutral, but it’s not unpleasant like the m50x. They’re a little more mellowed out and much easier to listen to, especially over long sessions. It always takes me a day or two to get used to new headphones. Not so with these. My ears had adjusted within 3 hours or so. They are just so, so easy to listen to because of the tuning. The upper mids aren’t in your face, and the sub bass is really well balanced. There’s a tiny bit of mud around mid-bass. It’s possible that’s coming from my mixer.There are a few things I dislike but are absolutely not dealbreakers:1. there is a very slight driver imbalance. This is probably within manufacturer tolerance and wouldn’t be solved unless I spent more money. Most people probably won’t notice.2. The included cable has a rather cheap-feeling jacketing. Good thing it uses an easy-to-find mini XLR jack that lets me buy new cables. To AKG’s credit, they do at least provide a 1/4 inch TRS adapter to plug into studio equipment.3. The earcups don’t swivel. I must admit, I did like that feature, fortunately the earcups do wiggle a bit to conform to your head and do still rotate upward for more compact stowing. It’s really clever the way they spin around with satisfying clicks.A note to long-haired users, these can tangle in your hair quite easily. Take care when removing them from your noggin.

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  2. Basilisk

    Nothing I expected from YouTube reviewsJudging by the majority of audiophile reviews of these on YouTube, these are well tuned, reasonably “detailed” with very average for the price “technicalities”, mediocre build pair of headphones.I disagree. First, materials are awesome – great plastics, great headband, very hygienic, 7/10 comfortable.Pads are almost great – they lack like maybe a couple of millimeters of depth for my ears, though they’re sewed smartly, and plush, and easy to clean.The adjustment and folding mechanism looks junky on videos, while in the real life it’s sturdy, clicks are very precise, controllable, the joint seems sturdy.And these are very, very compact when folded – I carry them in my fanny pack, this is ridiculously convenient for a full size headphones.Cables suck, all three of them, they’re like kings of microphonic effect, you need a replacement. Btw, choose Hart Audio cables, they’re awesome.If it’s hot, you need an AC in the room, since in 2-3 hours K371 will become hot and sweaty. Plus, since they slightly touch my pinna, I can wear them like 4 hours tops.And no amp is needed, you can drive them out your finger probably.Sound isolation is mediocre – I found it worse compared to Elegia and DT770.Ok, now sound.Out of the box AKG K371 sucks. Like a lot. It’s like really bad. It’s dry. It’s low bass. It’s shouty. It doesn’t make any sense at all.But give them time. I don’t know if that’s pads burn-in, your brain’s burn-in or driver burn-in and it doesn’t matter actually. The fact it – that you need to run them on your head for quite a while to get to the point when they start to sound good.And OMG they change. I do have DCA AEON Open Flow RT, DT770 250Om and Focal Elegia, plus I have experience with many other cans and iems in very different pricing brackets.AKG K371 shocked me. I couldn’t believe my ears.They’re very balanced overall, mids are tight, natural, vocals are distinct, natural and well placed – not too far, not too “intimate”.Brass instruments and electric guitars got some very pleasant bite.Bass is just how I like it – it’s neutral. And yes, there is a very, very notable rise in sub-bass, but that’s really much closer to how speakers sound in real life.Highs do not attract much of my attention, they’re balanced. You can hear hits on hi-hats, you can hear a pretty ok decay on cymbals, there is nothing bothering me at any volume level (I’m looking at you, almost every other headphone I’ve heard).They’re reasonably wide, way outside your head and there is a perceived soundstage depth, not to Elegia’s level, but K371 is not flat at all in this department. Just place them kind of slightly forward on your ear and you’re fine.Regarding the detail – I don’t know, really. I don’t feel that my planars or Elegia, both EQed to Harman and non EQed, are like more or less “detailed”. I’d say I stopped listening my DCA AFO RT, that’s for sure and I LOVED that headphone. Now AKG spoiled them for me and just can’t.Elegia is still a thing of it’s own and makes a lot of sense compared to AKG still. Elegia is the punchiest headphone I heard ever, it’s textured and “physical” and no one else is close (I never auditioned 900MK2 or first gen HE-6). K371 is not flat, they’re also reasonably textured, and that bite on brass is not available on Elegia, not to speak of light weight and portability of AKG. And the price.AKG K371 is better that Beyerdynamic DT770 250OM in almost every aspect. DT770 still got a ton of spare parts, a bigger comfy earcup and the stock cable is significantly better.I apply Oratory 1990 EQ to K371, but only up from 1KHz, changes are minor, but improvement is noticeable.With no EQ they actually do not sound “close” and with Oratory’s EQ up from 1KHz they disappear slightly more. I know, right? No one was telling me that in any review.To sum it up. AKG K371 broke my 15+ years of audiophile experience. I’m puzzled, pleasantly surprised and don’t know what to think.It looks as neutral FR is almost everything, with some place for speculation in punchiness and soundstage topics.I don’t know. Like, buy these, try them out, give them time, be open minded, don’t listen to overs, don’t look at the price, be ready to change your opinion and accept that your previous experiences, opinions and spending stopped making any sense.I had a dream, that a perfect sound will become available to anyone sometime far in the future, but apparently that future is now.

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  3. Noah Clark

    my first over ear headphones- love it!!i’m a harman-obsessed budget audiophile, coming from a long list of iems, my favorite one being moondrop KATO. that iem has the perfect frequency response for me, but it is also extremely uncomfortable. so, i did a little bit of research and it seemed that the k371 is the best harman-tuned over ear headphone for under 200$. that is correct.the first thing i noticed was how similar it sounds at first to the KATO. however, there are differences.the k371 is warmer (just a bit)the k371 has a wider soundstagethe KATO has better instrument separation and treble responsethey’re comfortable. they’re very light. not only that, but there’s a seemingly huge catalog of aftermarket pads available. there’s a little less resistance in the “click” when adjusting than I’d like, but that’s pretty much my only complaint. they’re extremely pleasant to wear and listen to. i will update if anything changes. they can be turned up pretty loud, as they’re quite easy to drive. i use a fiio btr5 for mine.

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  4. Gabriel

    K371 vs K371-BT | same ear pads, different cables, go K361-BT if you want wirelessAfter doing some internet research I found the K371 to be the right headphone for me, but curiosity got the best of me when I was researching replacement pads for it. Some reviewers claimed that the pads were different between the BT and none BT models, however Dekoni claims the same pad works for both devices as well as the K361. Turns out the pads are exactly the same, though the felt experience is a bit different on the BT models because of the thicker ear cups.Other differences to note:(1) Sound – if you weren’t doing a side by side you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between how the two sound, however the K371 seems slightly more rich in classical and folk music and the bass is cleaner to my ears. It also sounded like there was a click or very brief rattle in the BT model when heavy base hit, such as in Vaishiyas song “Arped”. This may have been a defect, or it may be the BT module adding to the dynamic sound environment in an unpleasant way. Additionally, I had a weird channel separation sensation in my ears with the BT model that went away after a few hours of play time.(2) Cable/Connectors – The K371-BT uses a 4-pin XLR connector for the cable whereas the K371 uses a more common 3-pin XLR. The 4-pin cable having more conductors in the wire is also more stiff and unpleasant, as you may be able to see in the picture. FYI – the K361 uses a smaller aux connector, probably a 2.5mm, which actually makes more sense for the BT model since the 2.5mm female end takes up less space than a 4-pin XLR.(3) Usability – The BT model is really convenient, and I must say I feel hesitant to return it, however I think I would take the cost savings on the K361 and the convivence of the smaller cable connector. If you’re shopping for the wireless option between the K371 and K361, go for the K361 or save for a higher end BT headphone. For the wired, I must say I am enjoying the K371 and see no need to try the K361, which is a bit cheaper. Other notes on BT–the range is great and I can walk 50ft to the breakroom or bathroom from my desk at work and still have good connection. The touch controls are fine, not perfect, but I found them better than not having any. Sometimes it seemed like the BT connection would randomly degrade after listening for over an hour or so and when connected to Windows 10, but I didn’t have that issue on Android.

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  5. Reilly

    Best headphones I’ve personally ever ownedOverall they are great. Sound quality is great. They’re the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever worn and I can wear them all day without them hurting my ears. Only real complaint is the ear pads are starting to fall apart after about a year and a half of use, the material that covers the foam is wearing off and the foam itself is coming loose from the headphones, so I’ll probably have to buy replacement ear pads soon. Other than that they are a great pair of somewhat low budget headphones (when compared to the price of similar quality headphones).

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  6. Kathia Ruiz

    Words cannot describe the sound.Where do I even start with the AKG K371. When you listen to these, it’s like everything disappears, leaving nothing between you and the music. It’s arguably the best closed back headphone that you can easily drive with mobile devices, like cell phones. The only closed-backs (headphones that don’t leak sound everywhere) that are a significant improvement start at around 900 dollars, and you can only get the most out of them with a bulky amp, which cost a few hundred. For most people, this is as good as you’ll ever need. And once you consider the price of around 150 dollars, it’s arguably the best overall.Now the sound. Oh lord the sound. These are quite frankly, beyond words to describe. If you’re going from crappy earbuds or even mid tier headphones like the ATH-M50, it feels like listening to your songs for the first time all over again. It feels like there’s nothing between you and the music. As for the actual sound signature, it’s one of the best tuned headphones period. The slight bump in the sub-bass adds a subtle but fun kick. The bass is impressively detailed and controlled. The mids are well balanced without being reduced into the shadow realm. And finally, the treble is detailed and fun but without being too bright. Overall, it’s very detailed and the tuning is to die for. Soundstage is rather impressive, and although it’s not quite the best in that regard, it’s nonetheless great. Noise isolation is okay, not great but “good enough”. Imaging (left-right differentiation) is very solid.These headphones excel at pretty much whatever you throw at them. I listened to a mix of Pop, Hip-hop, classic rock, metal, classical, electronic, jazz, synth, you name it. It’s not just a jack of all trades, it masters then all. Gaming with these is also pleasant. I played Minecraft and Team Fortress 2 with these, and you have a pretty easy time discerning the direction of in-game sounds.Finally we get to the overall physical build of the headphones. This is where the only real flaws show up. Some people online reported QC issues, but they seem to be resolved at this point, and indeed my pair is fine. The top of the headband has some soft plastic imitating leather. This is actually a good thing, since it feels like it probably won’t start flaking off in a few years. The inside of the headband is some sort of padded silicone material, which should make it real easy to clean. The headband adjustment mechanism is odd. It combines the function of adjusting the headband and letting the earcups rotate inward for storage. It’s a little more loose that I’d like, making it hard to get an exact position while holding it, but it holds in place flawlessly once on your head. Fortunately, there’s an easily accessible screw once you remove a soft pad on the inside of the pivot, so tightening the whole thing is no problem. the bottom part of this mechanism is made of metal. The earcups are hit and miss. They’re comfy leather, but can have trouble sealing, especially with glasses. Furthermore, AKG does not seem to offer replacements on their website. I’ve found that Shure SRH1540 earpads function as a suitable replacement, albeit an expensive one. But I could not perceive any difference in sound between different earpads, other than an improved seal using the Shure earpads. The included accessories are nice, including the drawstring carrying bag. The cable is slightly microphonic (noise gets transmitted through the cable when you touch it), but you don’t notice it at all with music. The cables themselves though (you get three, none with mic, just a 1m, 3m, and coiled cable, with a screw-on 3.5mm to 1/4in adapter. Having detachable cables is a very nice touch.So despite all the minor issues with the build, you might wonder why I’m still rating it 5 stars. Well, it’s because they just sound that good. I couldn’t recommend these enough. And for 150 dollars, it’s a no-brainer.

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  7. Alistair

    Great Sound Quality, Poor buildThese served me for almost a full year before a resistor blew inside the right cup. Sound quality suited my preferences, they have a more neutral sound profile. The ear pad material quickly disintegrated after a few months and needed to be replaced but that was a inexpensive fix. Wish there was better longevity for the components though because I do like these headphones

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  8. Someone64

    It’s built great and sounds greatComes with multiple wires, a carry case, and has a really good frequency response as well as being very comfortable. The detachable cables lock in in such a way that they won’t accidentally pull off. The material of the headband and earpads don’t flake off like my previous pair of headphones did. Overall, a great product. Using it for music production, mixing, and mastering in a relatively noisy environment but its frequency response makes it well suited to just listening for leisurely purposes.

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  9. Mark Andrew Mcculley

    Good sound. Some quirks.PROS:- Good sound for the price.- I sometimes hear people complain about the earpads making them feel sweaty, but I haven’t had that issue even when wearing these for hours at a time, and that’s an issue I’ve faced with other headphones.- When they’re sitting on the desk next to me and the sound is playing through them, I can hear more than I expect to. But when I wear them no sound bleeds into my recording. The closed backs really do work for me.CONS:- The adjustable bits near the ears are loose and I have to readjust them every couple times I put the headphones on.- The cord plugs in at a weird angle, and pushes into my shoulder. It’s not uncomfortable, but it brushes against my shirt every time I move my head and the vibrations carry up the cord into my left ear. It’s distracting for the first minute or two, but I quickly get used to it. The swishy vibration sound is NOT picked up my microphone, and I’m thankful for that.

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  10. Will Huckaba

    Neutral Sound Profile – Cord Location ThoughThe headphone is, of course, nearly ideal to the Harmon Curve… and does seem to be fairly balanced sound profile/tonality bass to treble. There does seem to be some elevation of response around 20 Hz from flat, but I wouldn’t say they are really heavy bass. Honestly given the price, sounds great. After 3 weeks of wear, found them very comfortable for prolonged wear for me, with one minor gripe: The headphone cable comes out of the left ear and points directly down. If I am sitting up and doing something else, I have no problem with it, but if I am relaxed and slouched back in my chair just enjoying, I find the strain relief of the the cable pushing against my shoulder. But all-in-all good.

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