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Nowadays, coffee is a popular beverage. Therefore, to create a delicious cup of coffee, the coffee grinder makes a great contribution. Let’s find out with us in the article below. In this post we will study the 5 best burr coffee grinder and their features.

1. What is a burr coffee grinder?

With the increasing demand for coffee quality, the development of a device with a suitable grinder is inevitable. Therefore, the burr grinder was born with the name of gear grinder. They always appear in professional coffee grinders for shops because of their efficient operation.

2. Advantages of burr coffee grinder

  • One of the most important criteria is the quality of the coffee cup after extraction. Therefore, a way that coffee is prepared right after grinding will help the aroma become more attractive, attractive, and bold again, helping to score points in the hearts of customers.
  • If the line of pre-ground coffee powder products outside can help you prepare faster, but in case of running out of ingredients during peak hours of the shop, how should the owner handle it? Therefore, with the effective support of industrial coffee grinder product lines, the barista can quickly prepare the best quality products for customers.


3. How to clean burr coffee grinder

  • First, unplug your blender.
  • Then, remove the funnel, you can wash it with soap and water to remove the accumulated oil
  • Next, leave it aside to dry and make sure it is completely dry before re-attaching it to your blender.
  • Light twisting and then lifting are all that is needed to remove the remaining upper burr, you don’t need to remove the lower burr as it is much harder.
  • Use your brush to clean both streaks of all the particles, dust, and oil you see.
  • If the brush can’t get into some of the crevices, use a toothpick or a thin wire to reach those parts.


4. The 5 best burr coffee grinders

4.1 .Ariete Conical Burr Electric Coffee Grinder – Professional Heavy Duty Stainless Steel | Ultra Fine Grind with Adjustable Cup Size | 15 Fine

  • Ariete is the world-famous coffee machine brand, well known for the design of its products, certified by the Red Dot In 2007 and Quiet Mark 2012 for the innovation of their products – we always turning “the everyday” into something special
  • Heavy-duty conical burr disc allows for ultra-fine grind and is suitable for Turkish coffee, the unit has quite an operation the bean hopper can hold up to 13.33 oz/378 gr of coffee beans the ground coffee container can hold up to 6.5 oz/194 gr of ground coffee
  • The product with a sleek design, will complement any decor and save lots of counter space
  • Automatic locking bean hopper can be removed with beans inside without spilling useful to storage the beans dark and cool location for the freshness of the beans grinding head assembly can be easy to clean thoroughly. This professional-grade burr grinder is very easy to operate.
  • You can customize the grind for your percolator, urn, or French Press (coarse), drip coffee (medium), or espresso machine (fine), with the simple push of a button.
  • After you choose your coffee grind size use the user manual guide to set the time dial according to the grind size and coffee cups you want, you will find a useful table sheet with clear information to help you choose the right timing
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4.2. Anti-static Conical Burr Coffee Grinder with 48 Grind Settings, binROC Adjustable Burr Mill Coffee Grinder for 2-12 Cups, Stainless Steel

  • The electric coffee grinder with brushed stainless steel can precisely grinds slower, creating uniform grounds for optimal flavor extraction
  • The product with anti-static technology makes the ground coffee chamber mess-free, preventing coffee grounds from flying around and messing up the worktop.
  • Improved built-in brush gives you precision cleaning for residual grounds inside without clogging to ensure a natural coffee flavor every time.
  • Guaranteed grind fineness settings for precise grinding. Adjust the fineness level for any type of coffee, from fine for espresso to coarse for French press.
  • 10 seconds of power off can ensure the safety of power consumption, it will not overheat and energy saving.
  • The brush included can clean removable upper burr, hopper, chamber. the resealable dust-proof silicone lid keeps coffee fresher longer.
  • Notice: the conical burr should be kept dry after cleaning before putting it into the coffee grinder to avoid a short circuit.
  • Especially, the gear reduction motor with reduced noise, you can stand next to it and talk on your phone when grinding.
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burr coffee grinder

4.3 .Bonsenkitchen  Electric Coffee Bean Grinder with 8oz/240g Coffee Bean Hopper Capacity – UP to 13 Cups of Coffee, 10 Precise

  • Coffee grinders electric the customized grinding texture that keeps the natural flavor of any coffee beans. For all brewing needs the ultra-uniform grinding burr grinder can handle automatic brewers coffee makers to espressos, and anything in-between
  • The professional-grade conical burr coffee grinder ensures none of the beans essential oils are lost by way of oxidation, ensuring the richest quality flavor and aroma
  • Coffee grinder with a hopper holds up to 240g beans & keeps harmful UV rays away from delicate beans to keep them fresh longer.
  • Coffee bean grinder with the removable conical burr and embedded cleaning brush make this conical burr coffee grinder easy to clean after each use. Thoroughly cleaning the grind units weekly is recommended
  • The electric coffee grinder was equipped with a powerful motor and safety lock.
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4.4.Famiworths Stainless Steel Conical Burr Grinder with 19 Precise Grind Setting, Electric Coffee Grinder for Espresso, French

  • This burr grinder ensures none of the beans’ essential oils are lost by way of oxidation, providing optimum coffee flavor.
  • With 19 precise grind settings, from fine grind for espresso to coarse grind for french press, this coffee grinder can handle
  • It will automatically shut down when grinding is complete.
  • This conical burr coffee grinder has a 200g/7oz removable bean hopper, removable upper burr, and includes a cleaning brush, making every cleaning easier and more thorough.
  • Sturdy and durable – built-in high-temperature protection, the electric burr coffee grinder was equipped with a powerful motor, safety lock, and blue light completion indicator.
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burr coffee grinder

4.5.Chefman Coffee Grinder Electric Burr Mill – Freshly Grinds Up to 2.8oz Beans, Large Hopper with 17 Grinding Options for 2-12 Cups, Easy One Touch

  • Intelligent design features take the hassle out of grinding your coffee, with a 110-watt motor that delivers a consistent, even grind every time
  • You can customize your grind from extremely fine to coarse
  • The large hopper holds up to 2.8 ounces of coffee beans to make anywhere from 2-12 cups at a time, so you can make freshly brewed coffee for yourself or the whole family. Make sure to allow the motor to cool for about 2 minutes between brewing cycles
  • Burr mill system avoids overheating the coffee beans, so you get freshly ground coffee with full-bodied flavor and better taste, perfect for any brewing process you are using such as automatic drip or French press
  • This grinder is designed with an easy, one-touch operation to make the grinding process quick and easy. Burr grinding disc and container are detachable for easy cleaning, allowing for time to enjoy your cup of coffee. Bonus free cleaning brush included
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burr coffee grinder

5. Some notes to know when buying Burr Coffee Grinder

  • Quality of ground coffee depends on gear size and shape (conical gear/flat gear)
  • Remember to pay attention to motor power and blending consistency: depending on the fineness adjustment mechanism, including Stepless Adjustment (infinite fine adjustment) and Step Adjustment (level adjustment).
  • Segmentation by the purpose of use
  • Some other factors include the amount of coffee grind retention, noise level, cost, gear construction material…


6. Epilogue

This is an indispensable product for those who love coffee because it can create a rich aroma while preserving the original grain of the seed. Through the useful information from the above article, we hope that you can soon choose the right product.

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