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 Advantages and disadvantages of art paper

a. Advantages

  • Create the most unique products ever
  • Bringing luxury and class to the product
  • Flexible application, can be used to create many different publications
  • Modern production process makes it durable, no worries about ink fading when you print

b. Disadvantages

  • Relatively high cost because it has to be imported and often changes over time
  • The product is not suitable for any advertising purposes
  • When you print, which is also necessary to be meticulous and careful to limit errors and damage

What types of art paper are there?

  • Astropack Paper:

  • This is one of the premium papers with high whiteness, good light catch, and is suitable for Offset or Laser printing
  • Paper can be used to make display cases, calendar covers, other types of packaging, …
  • So Silk Paper

  • This is a line of art paper using real silk fibers, so it feels soft when you use as well as a very attractive iridescent surface
  • Paper is often applied in high-end products such as shopping bags, product packaging boxes, book covers, menus, greeting cards, cards, calendars, …
  • Modi Dore Paper

  • This is a premium ribbed art paper that combines traditional and modern art. The surface of the product is coated with a layer of gold foil so it is extremely attractive
  • Paper is also used to make a variety of greeting cards, book covers, clothing labels, paper bags, display cases, …
  • Canaletto Paper

  • The product’s characteristics are natural smooth paper surface, high porosity, good hold, and excellent light-catching
  • This type of paper is often used in the design of many products with high aesthetics such as Catalogues, calendars, packaging, reports, Menus, …
  • Monnalisa Paper

  • This paper has good smoothness, outstanding white color, high opacity, and effective anti-wrinkle, so the paper can be used for printing with beautiful color images while still ensuring the details of the photo.
  • This type of paper is widely used in business reports, Brochures, business cards, file covers, photo books, paper bags, greeting cards, …
  • Euro Premium Paper

  • This paper has high whiteness, smooth surface, and optimal design, so it is perfect for printing high-quality products
  • This is a product that can be applied to both Offset or inkjet printing techniques, most commonly used to print Brochures, Newsletters, and annual reports
  • Imitlin Paper

  • This is fine art paper with high veins from Italy, which has the advantage of high strength, good abrasion resistance, and fade resistance when exposed to light.
  • The surface of the product is covered with an anti-fingerprint layer, ensuring high aesthetics for each product when used.
  • Plike Paper

  • This is high-quality paper that gives the effect and feels comfortable when we touch it. The color of the product is extremely vibrant, considered unique compared to other types of paper
  • The product is used to make greeting cards, book covers, high-class packaging boxes, goods labels, …
  • Divina Paper

  • This is natural white art paper, smooth in surface. It is the type of paper that brings class and elegance.
  • Products are often used to make greeting cards, letterhead, Brochures, hangtags clothes, …
  • Notturno Paper

  • This paper has a deep color, smoothness, and good hold along with a variety of colors that make the product luxurious
  • This type of paper is widely used in various products such as Albums, sample books, frames, cards, covers, …
  • Malmero Paper

  • This is  made from Woodfree dyed absorbent material, with excellent color uniformity and durability, without worrying about damage when the paper is folded. That’s what makes the product more formal
  • Paper is used in many products such as cardboard, Menus, Calendars, Brochures, …

Applications of art paper.

  • Make Name Card, Visit Card, Business Card, business card, … for officials, directors, CEOs
  • Making Catalog, Business Profiles, Press Publications
  • Used for packaging, printing paper boxes, high-end fashion paper bags
  • Print invitations, wedding cards, envelopes, letters, certificates of merit,…
  • Printing all kinds of menus for restaurants, bars, cafes,…
  • Decorate posters, art pictures
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