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Brand Sennheiser Consumer Audio
Model Name HD 569
Color Black
Form Factor Over Ear
Connectivity Technology Wired
  • Closed back, around ear design. Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Powered by proprietary Sennheiser 38 millimeter, 23 ohm transducers
  • Soft, replaceable ear pads for enhanced comfort
  • Two cables included – 3 meter detachable cable with 6.3 millimeter jack and 1.2 meter detachable cable with 3.5 millimeter jack with in line microphone and remote for call and music control
Last updated on March 4, 2023 2:59 pm

Powered by Sennheiser’s proprietary transducer technology for truly excellent sound performance, the closed back HD 569 brings a flexible option for use at home or on the go. It provides a rich and clear bass, adding further flexibility by making it possible to enjoy the full personal experience without disturbing others. With its full sized circumaural design, the HD 569 offers exceptional wearing comfort thanks to the large ear cups and soft replaceable ear pads.

From the brand

From the manufacturer

Sennheiser HD 569

About Sennheiser

About Sennheiser

Sennheiser is shaping the Future of Audio – a vision built on a 75-year history of innovation and a continued drive for excellence that is woven into our company’s DNA and culture. Around the world, our employees share this passion in the pursuit of the perfect sound, creating products that exceed expectations and set new benchmarks in audio.

Meet the Sennheiser HD 569

The best in class, remastered.

The HD 569 is a closed-back for those needing noise isolation with outstanding sound quality. Powered by Sennheiser proprietary transducer technology and featuring the ‘Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement’ (E.A.R) design, the HD 569 drives toward audiophile reproduction. Being closed-back, this around ear delivers noise isolation along with a natural tonal balance. Exceptional wearing comfort is provided by large ear cups fitted with plush velour ear cushions.

  • Shipped with two cable options, one including an in-line one-button remote with microphone, the HD 569 provides phone call control!


Sennheiser HD 569

Sennheiser HD 569

Sennheiser HD 569

Sennheiser HD 569

Premium Components

Sennheiser engineered transducers use aluminum voice coils delivering high efficiency, excellent dynamics and extremely low distortion.

Noise Isolating

Around-ear, closed-back design effectively reduces ambient noise improving the listening experience

E.A.R Technology

‘Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement’ design channels audio directly into your ears producing a more ‘in room’ like listening experience.

Extreme Comfort

Lightweight yet robust design with luxurious velour covered ear cushions and padded headband deliver exceptional wearing comfort for long listening sessions.

Important information

Visible screen diagonal

0″ / 0 cm

Specification: SENNHEISER HD 569 Closed Back Headphone   Import  Single ASIN  Import  Multiple ASIN ×Product customization Go Pro General

Product Dimensions

8.1 x 3.95 x 10.25 inches

Item Weight

1.65 Pounds



Item model number

HD 569


1 AAA batteries required.

Date First Available

September 14 2016




Weight 1.65 kg
Dimensions 8.1 × 3.95 × 10.25 cm

10 reviews for SENNHEISER HD 569 Closed Back Headphone   Import  Single ASIN  Import  Multiple ASIN ×Product customization Go Pro General

4.2 out of 5
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  1. Steve

    The most comfortable headphones I’ve ever ownedSo comfortable! Right out of the box they have a slightly stiff clamping force, but I believe this will go away the more I use them. And not at all uncomfortable! No headaches after wearing for a long period of time. I believe I will have to physically check and see if I’m still wearing them after I’ve had them a while lol.Some things that I dislike:1. While the singers sing, it’s slightly muffled sounding…like trying to sing through plexiglass or a thin box. Even with this, the voices are still clear, if that makes sense.2. Slight lack of bass, but not badly so. Still has some punchy bass.3. Sometimes the highs are almost too high at higher volumes. Easily fixed by bumping the volume down a notch or two. Again, not bad.As someone who’s always bought cheap headphones, these blew me away!! I’m no audiophile. I have no knowledge about the frequencies and graphs. But these sound excellent! I heard instruments that I’ve never heard before, and the music isn’t jumbled together.Works with an iPhone connected via lightning to 3.5mm adapter. The headphones can get quite loud, too. Also, I can tell a difference when using Apple Lossless, which sounds better.Seems to work well while gaming. I’m not a competitive player, but I can differentiate on which side the sound is coming from.Overall, an excellent pair of cans to upgrade to!!! I’m ecstatic about these and hope this helps! Even with my particular dislikes, which are by no means bad at all, I recommend these!Oh, and the ear pads I believe are memory foam on the inside, velour pads (not 100% positive if they’re velour lol) on the outside…are super comfortable. 12/10 comfortable! No joke!

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  2. Howdy

    Very comfortable, good sound quality, but easily attracts dustAs someone who likes to write music on my free time, I bought these headphones to help me improve my mixing decisions. I also wanted something relatively durable since I’m tired of replacing my $30-40 headphones every year. As a college student, these 569s were an investment for me.COMFORT:The HD 569 is my first pair of cans over $40. And it’s the first pair that I can honestly say is comfortable for long listening and mixing sessions. Ear cups encapsulate my ears, and the padding provides a nice cushion and passive noise isolation.NOISE-ISOLATIONI go to a military college and it’s common to hear yelling in the hallways. These headphones actually block out a lot of that noise, making it easier to study. I can still hear what’s going on outside my room, but it’s not distracting. Note that the noise-isolation is passive, not active.SOUND QUALITYSound quality is great as far as I can tell. It seems very mid-centric but that’s fine by me. It just took a little getting used to as my brain adjusted to this new normal. However, I wish the highs were emphasized a bit more so I could get a better sense of what’s going on up there. However, it’s also true that recessed highs means less listening fatigue. In other words, these headphones can work fine for mixing, while also being great for casual listeners who just want to enjoy music or watch movies. Soundstage is good too.DURABILITYIt looks and feels like it will last for at least several years. But take everything I say here with a very small grain of low-sodium salt, because my experience with headphones is limited compared to the many audio professionals here.I appreciate that it doesn’t use a hinge-style mechanism to clamp the earcups because in my experience those can wear out or break easily. The build quality of this 569 seems better than the MD-7506s I’ve used at a studio. Bear in mind these are just my first-impressions. Regrettably, I missed the time-traveling lesson my friends said I missed in elementary school. So unfortunately, I cannot at this moment tell you how these headphones will hold up in the next few years. But don’t worry – if I remember, I’ll post a 4 month update when I finish my fall semester.DUST PROBLEMThis is not a huge problem, but I feel it is worth mentioning.The smaller black circle on the outer face of each earcup easily attracts dust. The padding material on the earcups and headband also suffer from this. It’s frustrating because now I have to pick out/wipe off the dust every few days, especially from the outside. Again, it’s not really that bad if it’s just one or two day’s worth of dust (only takes a minute or so getting it out), but if I let the dust settle for even a week, I imagine it would be a nightmare getting it all out. I dust all horizontal surfaces in my dorm room every day out of habit, so it feels unnatural for me to leave something with dust on it.This is purely aesthetic; it has zero effect on comfort or sound quality.CONCLUSIONSo far so good. I recommend these HD 569s to anyone looking for a pair of headphones that is comfortable, durable, and has sound quality that is good for both mixing and casual listening.

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  3. KJax

    Nice headphones!I use my headphones to listen to YouTube videos & Craftsy classes & anything in mine & hubby’s common office. I had a very old pair of basic Bose headphones that were comfortable but fell apart after years of use. I replaced them with another pair that I got on Amazon but they hurt my ears while wearing post earrings. These ear cups fit over my entire ear & are comfortable. I purchased a second pair to have at both my computers.

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  4. Randall Marion Guyton

    Smart MoneyI’m an old rock n roller. My home sound system is low-rent audiophile. not a ton of watts but killer pipes. I have a pair of Yamaha open-cup head bisquits but they are maximized for mp3 and thus to my ears, add a bit of “punch” to the over all experience.My new Sennheiser closed-cup skull muffins sound outstanding. Very flat in response compared to my Yamahas but true to the source, no additional color added. Very nice. The headband is almost enough for my big head but should fit most. The ear cups are superb, wearable for long listens in great comfort.Overall 4 out of 5 stars. As an audiophile I’m never satisfied but for the price, these headphones are great, full stop. Rock on my brothers and sisters…

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  5. Slavatar

    Typical SennheiserExcellent sound quality, very comfortable. They are open air and no sound cancelling, which I like when at home. I’m pretty sure sound cancelling does damage to the ears. The anti-sine wave is still a sine wave putting pressure on your ear, I don’t see how they cancel each other out without putting that pressure on them.

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  6. Ian O Mitchell

    Fantastic all around headphonesIdk what to say they’re just perfect for meAmazing sounds stage for closed backsA lof of closed backs have a problem with the bass being WAY to intrusive(meaning rly wide and loud), but these are very balanced and provide an incredibly clean sound.The mic is actually incredible for such a small thing and miles above any other headset mic ive heard from even gaming headset brands.The only problem it has, is a problem that all headsets have, in that the parts wear out.I bought a pair used like 3- 4 years ago and just barely had to replace them now, so they last a long time.Noise cancelation works perfectly when something is playing. Ive missed my doorbell ringing several times, and my fan (on high) thats not 5 feet from my head in inaudible unless im not listening to anything.I spent weeks researching other headphones and ended up buying and returning all the ones i tried, and in the end just ended up buying another pair of these to replace the broken ones i had already.They are not perfect, nothing is.But ill be damned if these arent the closest thing to perfect for me.If these are ever discontinued i will be REAAALLY sad.

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  7. Joshua Lewis

    Can do better for the $$$I have a pair of open-back Sennheiser’s. I figured since they crush it in that department then I should eb safe with the entry-level closed-back? Wrong. They are KINGS of open-back headphones but they really do not come through in the same way for closed-back. I am novice audiophile. HiFi music off Tidal and a Topping DX1 DAC/AMP. So be confident my concerns are not from any muddied signal or are from any hardware limitations. I won’t lie, they are extremely comfortable. But in comparing my 175$ pair of HD 58x to these which are similarly priced at MSRP, I was expecting similar quality in a closed-back package. Simply not the case. Not only can you do better for similar or less money by getting something like the M40x, but by chalking up another 20-30$ you can get the dt 770 pro which punches WAY above its price point and makes these seem like Beats by Dre. If these are your first pair of “good headphones” and you can get them for under $100…I’d still get something else lol. DT 770 pro or BLON B40. ~ THANK ME LATER.~

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  8. Aon

    AwesomeNOTE — SOUND QUALITY HIGHLY DEPENDS ON WHAT YOU USE WITH ITIt sounds really amazing with an old iPod I have, but it sounds horrible on a newer iPod. Some devices will make it sound muffled too. You can hear a serious quality difference between using different headphone jacks and cables too.So, to be clear, the headphones are pretty great. They do sound cancel surprisingly well and they’re comfortable to wear even if you lean on it. But your sound quality will depend on what you’re plugging it into

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  9. Bob M.

    Good quality product but not for my intended purposeI bought this product specifically to use in movie theaters that provide hearing impaired people like me with a listening module and minimal headphones. Unfortunately, these headphones don’t work well for that application when plugged into the listening module. I was only able to get either mono reception or muffled reception in two different theaters. Since I already have other headphones for non-theater listening, I am returning these. In closing I add that these Sennheiser headphones are fine for most purposes.

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  10. Amazon Customer

    Exactly what I neededWanted a nice set of cans for listening without disturbing the family. Sound is above par and they are super comfy. Wore them for a few hours while doing some computer work and no discomfort or lingering effects. Sound great spinning vinyl or streaming through iPhone. Recommend highly!

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