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Jabra Elite 85h Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones, Titanium Black – Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones Compatible with iPhone &

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Brand Jabra
Model Name Elite 85h
Color Titanium Black
Form Factor Over Ear
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, 3.5mm jack, USB-C Bluetooth
  • BLOCK UNWANTED BACKGROUND NOISE: Jabra elite 85H wireless headphones are engineered for the best wireless calls and music experience with smartsound*. smart active noise cancellation responds to the environment, switching on if it detects background noise.
  • SMARTSOUND AUDIO: the revolutionary smartsound audio technology in these Bluetooth headphones analyze your sound environment and automatically applies your personalized audio to give you the sound you need, when you need it.
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE HEADPHONES: up to 36 hours of battery on a single charge (with ANC switched on), and fast charging of 5 battery hours in 15 minutes. Listen from the start of the day to the end with these noise canceling headphones.
  • UNMATCHED CALL QUALITY: The advanced technology uses 6 of the 8 built-in microphones to enhance call quality and block out background and wind noise. This enables crystal clear sound, so you can make and receive calls in total confidence.
  • WATER RESISTANT: no matter the elements, you’re prepared to go anywhere with certified water and rain resistant headphone technology and Nano-coating of the internal components. Plus, there are no pesky wires in these Bluetooth Wireless headphones!
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Jabra Elite 85h Wireless Noise Canceling headphones are engineered for the best wireless calls and music experience with SmartSound, and you can personalize your sound experience for different situations with the Jabra Sound plus app. When you pair your device (headphones are compatible with iPhone and Android) with the Jabra Sound plus app, revolutionary SmartSound automatically adapts the audio experience based on your settings, giving you audio that’s perfectly suited to your environment. For instance, Elite 85h Noise Cancelling Headphones can automatically detect when you are on a train and switch on Smart Active Noise Cancellation, blocking the noise around you, or recognize when you are on a train platform, and enable the Hear Through feature. Through the Jabra Sound+ app you can personalize your sound experience for different situations. Operating range: Up to 10 m (33 ft). USB cable length: 30 cm.

Customizable music settings offer equalization based on the noise levels around you, combined with purpose built speakers for exceptional music clarity. All with up to 36 hours of battery on a single charge (with ANC on).

Our advanced 8 microphone design – 6 of which are for calls, the most we’ve ever put on our headphones – gives you effective wind noise reduction and crystal clear conversation on calls. You can also instantly connect to Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant.

The Elite 85h over ear headphones also features certified rain resistant durability, thanks to the Nano coating of internal components. and you can customize your headphones with the Jabra Sound plus app for SmartSound features, including personalized settings.

Verified by Delta, 03 01 2019.
Operating system dependent
Registration required with the Jabra Sound plus app.

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Wireless noise cancelling headphones with SmartSound | Jabra Elite 85h
Jabra Elite 85h wireless headphones

Sound that automatically adapts

Engineered for the best wireless calls and music experience with SmartSound*. SmartSound auto-adapts the audio experience based on your personal settings and automatically enables ANC or HearThrough when needed.

Wireless noise cancelling headphones with SmartSound | Jabra Elite 85h

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*Verified by Delta, 03-03-2019.

Jabra Sound+ App

Personalize your sound

The Jabra Sound+ app is the perfect companion to your Jabra headphones. Personalize your sound, so your music and calls experience always fit to your surroundings. Customize your settings, to improve in-app navigation on the go, get access to your most-used widgets quickly and select your preferred voice assistant, with just the touch of a button.

Jabra Sound Plus App

Specification: Jabra Elite 85h Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones, Titanium Black – Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones Compatible with iPhone &

Package Dimensions

9.41 x 7.72 x 3.27 inches

Item Weight

10.4 ounces



Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. included

Date First Available

June 24 2019

Country of Origin



Weight 10.4 kg
Dimensions 9.41 × 7.72 × 3.27 cm

10 reviews for Jabra Elite 85h Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones, Titanium Black – Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones Compatible with iPhone &

4.3 out of 5
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  1. Ford Prefect

    Okay noise cancelling, decent sound, app blows, and be aware of that cheesy fabric!Take a good, hard look at the photo…this is the worst thing Jabra did to it! They just had to crap it up with that disgusting fabric, and now I’ll need a dedicated brush just to clean it! Some of us have embarrassing dandruff issues, and that sickly beige/white is not a color which most of us dudes would order! Would be right decent if they offered this in silver or just dropped the ridiculously cheesy fabric!Active noise canceling works adequately if you’re on a plane, but not as good as the more expensive Sony. Music sounds good if you don’t rely on that stupid app. You need your own app with an equalizer. Seriously, I’m not an audiophile, and their app muddles the sound horribly compared to free Musicolette! Also, if you go for those streaming services I feel sorry for you.The battery is another reason that this set is a keeper, holds a charge for 36 hours.Not uncomfortable to wear for several hours either, and I wear glasses!

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  2. Joshua Greer

    The headphones are great. The supporting app needs workThe headphones are awesome. The quality of sound exceeded my expectations. Jabra Sound+ app is the only downside side to the use use of the headphones. The app is not always accessible during use. Some updates to app would help make them the best in the market (in my opinion).

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  3. Eve

    The best headphones (make sure you get them when they discounted(~150)There is active noise cancelling and it works so well. I literally can’t hear anything near me and that’s perfect for me for when I study. You can toggle between the setting using a button on the left side of the headphones. There is Active Noise Cancelling and then there is a setting that let’s you hear your surroundings and there is a setting that let’s you just turn off both. The sound quality is so good on this pair I really enjoy it. The volume is very loud and that’s such a good thing for me. It even has an app that goes with it where you can change the sound settings if you like more bass. I love these pair and they are the best $162 (around that much) I’ve ever spent. The best tip I want to give you is to get them when they are on sale because I didn’t feel as guilty buying these lmao. They are totally worth the money. A problem that comes up tho (only with my computer) sometimes it disconnects from Bluetooth and after about 20 seconds it reconnects and if it doesn’t I just have to go to Bluetooth settings on my laptop and that’s kinda a pain and I have no idea why it does it or what causes it but it isn’t a deal breaker for me. The battery life is another one of my favorite things about it. These headphones can last me a long while before I actually need to charge them again it’s amazing. Oh yea it also comes with its own carrying case. Isn’t that so cool? I love the case because it fits the headphones and the charger and even the like phonejack cord (not sure what real name is) but it’s basically for the electronics that don’t have Bluetooth on them. The only thing that I’m kinda worried about is the headphone cushions. They are like a leathery material and that kinda makes me nervous because in my experience it gets ruined fast(maybe cuz I’m usually exposed to cheap leather). it’s been a few months and they still look like new so the durability of the cushion material is awesome. Oh yea also you can replace the cushion for 19.99usd I think that’s cool too but not really sure how to do it myself because don’t have the need to do at the moment. And I kinda feel like when the time comes I’m going to struggle because the cushion is like really snug with headphones. Like it’s not lose and looks like it can never be taken off but like i said haven’t tried changing the cushion myself yet so who knows. Overall 12/10 and definitely succeeded my expectations. Oh my goddddddd I forgot one more thing and its something that is so cool to me. You can connect two devices on these headphones. Isn’t that awesome???? Like I can connect my phone and my laptop and I can watch YouTube on the laptop and when I get bored on watch videos on TikTok from my phone and it doesn’t lag or anything. So boujee and would buy again if I need to.

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  4. Pea A Bee

    PC bluetooth connectivity issues (update: 50% success rate)As others have noted, pairing this headset with a PC is hit or miss based on your bluetooth adapter (or, more likely, its chipset / driver). For me it was a miss. It connects and appears as two devices in the Windows 10 bluetooth interface but they both appear as “other devices” rather than audio devices and no amount of finagling can make them pass audio. I will update if I can resolve this, or if a future headphone firmware / bluetooth driver update resolves it for me.I live in the PNW and bought these due to their rated water resistance. I am mostly a pedestrian / transit commuter and it rains here often and unpredictably for much of the year. As such, these were basically my only option in this class (higher end ANC bluetooth headphones with water resistance).The Sony or Bose standard options are likely better in many regards, but I’ll be darned if I’m going to buy them only to have them break in a downpour, or worse, to always be leaving them at home out of fear.I really do like nearly everything about these so far, but the PC support issue is borderline inexcusable in a product of this class. Especially because Jabra obfuscates this fact, failing to mention this caveat on their product pages. My only confirmation that Jabra is even aware of this issue and has committed to *not* supporting general PC use is based on a Jabra official account Reddit post, of all places. At the very least they should mention the caveat on their product pages and/or offer official support on one of their own dongles (they don’t, though users have apparently gotten it working).I’ll be using these with the 3.5mm jack on my PC and with bluetooth on my phone. And in the meantime, I’ll be eagerly watching to see if any other manufacturers adopt water resistance in the future.addenda:☙ Comfort is overall good, but the clamping force is a little bit high and caused me minor wear fatigue after a couple hours. Similar clamping force to the old Sennheiser HD 280 (iirc). Minor for me, but it may be terrible for truly large-headed people. On the other hand, they may “break in” a bit in the headband or the earcup.☙ Included software works fine. The EQ isn’t terribly sensitive (to my ear maybe a 1.5 or 2 dB swing either way) so feel free to crank it in whichever direction if you want to make a non-trivial difference.☙ The sound signature is pretty natural. It reminds me most of my Sony MDR-V700. Relatively flat frequency response with nothing conspicuously under or over-represented.☙ The physical controls are overall wonderful. However, the next-song shortcut is mapped to the volume up (top) button and the previous song to the volume down. This is somewhat counterintuitive to anyone used to reading “down” playlists in software (i.e. everyone).☙ These headphones are in the minority that has their cable (or in this case their 3.5mm jack) on the right ear rather than the left. Fine by me.Update:The headset pairs with the bluetooth adapter in my new-ish Acer laptop which uses an Intel wifi/bluetooth adapter. Increased to 4 stars. Will update review to 5 stars if bluetooth driver/headset firmware updates allow pairing with my main PC (but as of now I’m 1 for 2).

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  5. Anon

    Great! But could be betterIt’s noise cancelling for music and movies is great. I was listening to a podcast while walking next to a busy road and it was like night/day difference in being able to cancel out the car noises. However, when it comes to video calls on my computer, it doesn’t allow you to cycle thru the modes (off, noise cancelling, hear thru) and I believe it defaults to hear-through. So I can’t cancel out my dogs or wife when I’m in important business calls….The overall audio quality is pretty decent and clear, but it struggles with some of the deeper bass sounds.The mic quality is pretty good, but occasionally isn’t top-tier. Also, the mic is directional, so don’t try to wear them backwards – despite how it looks like it’s designed. The mic does filter out a lot of background noise, people in my work calls can’t hear my dogs play fighting right next to me.The controls are great, nothing overly extravagant, but convenient nonetheless.My biggest gripe with it is that it says that it can connect to two devices at a time. This is VERY misleading. It can PAIR with 2 devices at a time, but you can only CONNECT to one at a time. I thought I was going to be able to listen to music from my phone and get notifications from my computer at the same time. NOPE.Also, the headset’s logic for picking which of the two devices to connect to can be quite annoyingly unintuitive. I don’t know how many times I’ve been listening to something on my phone only to have it randomly connect to my computer across the house for no reason. Or if I listen to something on my phone for a second, it occasionally feels impossible to get to to ignore my phone and re-connect with my computer without turning them off/on again.Also the way that it turns off is… annoying. It makes it impossible to wear them with it off – even around your neck. And if I have them on one ear, but not the other it frequently pauses whatever I’m listening to; I assume because it thinks I’m about to turn off the device just because the ear piece isn’t perfectly in-line with my ear.TL:DR; I really like these headphones for under $200 (which is what I bought them for), but I wouldn’t recommend them for their base price of $240 – there are too many small issues for that kind of price tag. Get it tight, Jabra!

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  6. Sean

    Great sound, great design and quality, But with deal breakers.Very good sound quality. Build quality is awesome, the design looks beautiful. However, I chose to return these.— Pros —[Sound]The sound is very good. For BT headphones, these have great sound stage and clarity which is what I value. The sound signature is very similar to my DT770 pro 80 ohms which I’m very happy about. I really don’t like sound signatures like Bose’s or Sony’s ones, Bose’s sound is not natural and Sony’s is too bass-heavy. These 85h are a bit treble emphasized and the base may not be powerful for most of the people. It might make your ear fatigue after a long time listening because it’s not something like Sennheiser’s warm sound signature. But I’ll take it, I like the sound.[Build quality and design]The build quality is first-class. The material they used is very good. And the design looks cool and handsome. It’s around 300 grams, so heavier than most of BT headphones. Overall, it’s a good looking, quality headphones.— Cons —[ANC]I really don’t think their ANC is working well. It only decreases a small amount of low frequency, and that’s it. The ANC performance is much worse than Sony or Bose. It’s even worse than a $60 ANC headphones I bought on Amazon. Just disappointed.[Volumn]The volume is not enough. Trust me I’m not someone loves to play the music to shake the car door. I need to set the volume to 70 – 85 % for the music, and 90% for movies. Yes, 85% is enough for me and I won’t go higher for the most of the time, but it makes you feel less confident about the volume and the battery may drain faster than other headphones.[App]The App is really buggy. That’s it.— (Personal) Deal breaker —[Comfort]I’m 5’9″ 155 lbs. I don’t think I have a big head. But the headband is not long enough for me, even I extended it all. If I try to place my ear at the center of the earcup, I need to push the headphone downward hard which makes a lot of pressure on the top of my head. After 20 mins wearing, the top of my headphone is in pain.BTW, The earcups are comfortable, not as well as Bose’s but they are fine.[No power off button]These headphones use a mechanism that enables to auto turn on and off when you rotate the hinge. So if the right earcup is facing forward, it will be turned off. And if the earcups are facing to each other which is like when you are wearing them, they will be turned on. This is smart. However, for me, I don’t want to leave these in the case when not using them. I have a headphone hanger and I used to hang my headphones to make them handy. When I hang these, earcups need to face to each other. For these headphones, I can’t turn it off in that way bc there’s no power button and it will be always on like that. Why can’t there be a power button…— verdict —I can’t keep these because of the above two deal-breakers. Those are very personal though. I can endure those three Cons because I love the sound and the design of these. What a pity, I think I have to keep looking for my next BT headphones.

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  7. Franklin L Massey

    long battery lifewell made product. great quality sound, noise cancel is awesome.

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  8. Chris

    Not comfortable, but I’m pickyI will say that these are lighter and more comfortable than most. When I experienced some issues with the new Apple Ipod Pro, I ordered these. The over the head is just too bulky to me and they didn’t fit right over my ears. I have average sized ears, lol. I’m sure these are perfect for people used to wearing headgear, it just wasn’t for me. I’m not a gamer, I use these for business all day.

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  9. Bruce K

    The most comfortable!Been using apple EarPods for some time and haven’t had a pair of over-the-head headphones for years. I set out to find a great pair at a reasonable price. Tried, JBL, Sony, Soundcore and found these Jabra’s to be the most comfortable, easiest to use and the sound quality and noise cancellation is amazing. I also found that most of the other units I tried seemed to be made for much larger heads. I wear a 7 or 7.25 fitted hat and the Jabra’s are a perfect fit. I was hoping to pay a hundred or so but these are well worth the extra investment.

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  10. Sam Meyers

    Probably the best $200 NC headphonesI moved to these from a Sennheiser HD450BT. My issues there can be found in it’s own review. But, this ticked all the boxes for a better headset even at $50 (33%) more. This comes with a USB C cable, headphone cable, AND a plane adapter. Booyah.First, Noise cancelling is obvious and visible in the app. Speaking of the app, it’s amazing compared to Sennheiser. You can control noise cancelling, EQ, track your headset location, change call noise background (big gripe with the other set). Not to mention the white and nature noise options in app.Audio quality is about as good, I’m not an expert. I think there are some EQ changes I can make to really help this set shine though. it has various ways to customize and is relatively useful.The physical controls are probably the weakest as they are split between sides, with voice assistant on the left and all others on the right side. The volume/play/pause/skip is on the side of the right earbud.Couple of neat things. First, it can be set up to scan your surroundings minute to minute, process that audio on your phone (app says no data is sent out), then modify noise cancelling to adjust. While typing this review there was a moment where it kicked in and I could not hear my keyboard at all! Slick. Also, this has a common feature for calls where it pipes in surrounding audio so you can be aware of alerts or how loud you are talking. But, this can be turned off in app and you can change the audio level in real time to better suit your ambient noise. Huge upgrade from the other set there.I think for me, where $200 was the line for a new set of decent BT over ear headphones with some noise cancelling, usb C charging, and decent controls, this set is the right pair. I’d need to go to $300-$380 to get the high end Bose set I also liked or a Sony set that is very well reviewed. I think I’ll keep this set for a bit.

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