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MANNKITCHEN Pepper Cannon – Professional Grade Heavy Duty High Output Pepper Mill

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  • Up To 10X Faster Than Top Rated Pepper Mills
  • Pepper Your Steak in 7 Cranks instead of 70
  • Super Wide Grind Range From Cracked Pepper to Powder
  • Oversized Bearing Supported Drive Shaft & High Carbon Stainless Steel Burrs
  • Quick Release Top For Easy Refills
  • Never-Slip Adjuster & Superior Consistency Across Grind Range
  • Base Cup for Storage & One Handed Peppering
  • Heavy Duty Solid Milled & Anodized Aluminum Body
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Specification: MANNKITCHEN Pepper Cannon – Professional Grade Heavy Duty High Output Pepper Mill

Product Dimensions

7.25 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches

Item Weight

1.83 pounds


Item model number


Date First Available

2022, February 23

9 reviews for MANNKITCHEN Pepper Cannon – Professional Grade Heavy Duty High Output Pepper Mill

4.9 out of 5
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  1. Seraphim

    This is awesome for the home barbecue enthusiast. Produces tons of freshly ground pepper without much effort. Super heavy and amazing ball bearings. I love it!

    With my normal previous grinder, my arm muscles would get too sore to grind enough pepper for a big cookout. This thing is a game changer.

    It’s expensive, but worth it. Will last forever.

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  2. DB

    Where have you been all my life 😭? I can’t believe we finally got together 🥹🥹🥹😍

    Seriously, this is the best ever pepper mill! What a quality! What a volume! What a thought!

    I was anxious spending this money on a pepper mill but in the pepper mills world I didn’t just bought a Tesla or Maserati, I bought a flying car … I am sooo excited 😆

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  3. Sarah S.

    I work in kitchen product design/development and had seen this around on blogs and professional chef/food social media for a while and thought it would make a great gift for an amateur home chef in my life. I must say I am extremely impressed with the quality of the mechanisms, aluminum, and finishing. It accomplishes in 2 half turns what our old wooden mill did in 20. It feels like it’s going to last a lifetime. Even the bottom cup being aluminum and not a cheap plastic cap is impressive.

    However, placed in between the top of the box and some foam above the mill are extra hardware parts. Unfortunately the foam was not thick enough to prevent the metal screws and wrench from pressing into and scratching off some of the anodized finish on the mill. It also left an impression/rip in the manual and lid of the giftbox. If this baby didn’t cost $200, I might have written off a small cosmetic defect like this, but I reached out to the company’s email and they told me to return to Amazon. The 2nd unit was fine, but still had the hardware in the same spot. They should really rethink the quality of the foam and/or placement of the hardware. The giftbox was of good quality, but cheaply shrink-wrapped unnecessarily inside of the brown remailer box. They could have used a nice sticker or something to hold nice box together instead of shrink-wrap. I was hoping this would be a little more elegantly packaged for the price. Especially since I know the black box with metallic ink the mill sits in isn’t cheap.

    If you are giving this as a gift trust me they’ll love it, but I would suggest checking it thoroughly to make sure it isn’t scratched.

    If you’re Mannkitchen and looking for a consultant – you have my email 🙂

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  4. Grumpy Giant

    I kept reading about the Pepper Cannon online and always came back to “who spends that kind of cash on a pepper mill”… I was dead wrong.

    This thing is incredible. I have never seen anything like it. I can grind a tablespoon of pepper in a few seconds and the range of grind sizes is nearly unlimited. Large cracked pepper? Check. Ultra-Fine pepper? Check. And anything in between. It also holds a substantial amount of peppercorns so I don’t have to refill constantly and I use a LOT of pepper.

    The aluminum body feels very space age, it is stout and robust. The finish is really nice and provides excellent grip – the grip is just a bonus as the grinding mechanism works easily. The design work that went into this was immense and it shows that whoever designed it is really passionate about it.

    If you are even slightly considering the Pepper Cannon just pull the trigger. It’ll hurt for a minute ($$$) but you’ll forget that pain the very first time you use it.

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  5. aRcaNum55

    This crazy Peppermill is extremely expensive but is worth the money based on its amazing engineering. It’s a tank, it is extremely well engineered heavy and solid. When you first get it empty the pepper crank top as well as the blade spin so freely it’s like a high end bicycle hub, it’s impressive. The instructions could use a little bit more work, It’s not all that difficult to figure out. But yes the instructions could use a bit more precision and artistic interpretation. I could see somebody out of the gate being a bit confused but once you get the hang of setting this up and everything is in order it’s intuitive and insanely productive. This is easily the most expensive and the best engineered most pepper grinding awesome Peppermill on planet Earth. If you have the money and this means something to you because you cook a lot its worth it. It’s well engineered, it feels amazing, and it cranks out pepper like there’s no tomorrow.

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  6. Knut58

    Forget the Peugeot, forget every other pepper mill you find in the store, buy this one if you feel you can afford it, this is the one you’ve been waiting for!

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  7. Gerry bohn

    If you have a love for fresh ground pepper and enjoy lots of it this is for you. Don’t worry about the cost, worry about breaking a wrist trying to achieve what this does with little effort on your part. I personally use a smoked pepper and it is the best grind for everything. Buy it try it and thank me later. I was very sceptical about the price verses value, but then I used it for the first time and I was ecstatic over the best grinder I have ever seen. I collect grinders and that day I stopped using them all, except this one!

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  8. Boocher61

    This is the Best Pepper Grinder I have ever owned. It’s a little pricy but worth every penny. And if this was available years ago I would of saved money on all the other grinders I bought. This Grinder will last forever. Also the amount of pepper from each grind is just amazing. It hold a good amount of pepper corn and is so easy to take top off and fill the grinder.

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  9. Big Daddy

    Yes, it is quite expensive compared to others. However, the material is strong/sturdy, and it cranks out pepper like you’ve never seen. Easy to adjust the grind, easy to refill, easy to use. I also like the bottom cup that can be used to securely grind several tablespoons. It’s built like a tank. I’ve had it for several months now and I’ve had no issues. This should be the last pepper mill I ever own, and in that case, it’s worth it to me.

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