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Govee Envisual LED Backlights for 75-85 inch TVs, 16.4ft RGBIC WiFi DreamView T1 TV Backlights with Camera, Works with Alexa &

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Color Multicolor
Brand Govee
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Indoor
Special Feature Timer,App Control
Light Source Type LED
Power Source DC
Light Color Multicolor
Theme Movie
Style Modern
Material Plastic

  • For 75-85 inch TVs: Govee DreamView T1 TV backlights update size to 16.4ft(2*2.95ft+2*5.25ft), suitable for 75-85 inch TVs. Updated size with Govee 1080p intelligent camera, for better viewing. Each side is connected via a flexible cable.
  • Govee Envisual: The 1080p intelligent camera captures the color onscreen and automatically applies to Govee TV backlights. Higher resolution with more accurate color recognition. ( Notice: The camera is only used to capture the color onscreen, it cannot be used for projection or audio.)
  • Smart Voice Control: Manage Govee LED lights for TV with simple voice commands, via Alexa and Google Assistant, or with the Govee Home app. Enjoy access to more colors and features like Timer, Video, DIY and Music mode, helping you create the ambiance you need.
  • Dynamic Light Effects: RGBIC technology allows you to customize each strip light segment and display multiple colors simultaneously. With 99+ scene modes and 2 video modes, your gaming & viewing experience will never be the same. You can also save other people’s DIY Styles from the Govee Light Studio.
  • Multiple Scene Modes: Multiple preset scene modes of LED TV lights helping you to create the vibe you need, or you can choose one of your favorite to suit your moods, enhance your TV watching experience.


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Specification: Govee Envisual LED Backlights for 75-85 inch TVs, 16.4ft RGBIC WiFi DreamView T1 TV Backlights with Camera, Works with Alexa &

Package Dimensions

‎ 8.66 x 7.87 x 2.83 inches; 1.57 Pounds

Item model number

‎ H6199

Date First Available

November 8 2021


‎ B09J4PPFK2


Weight 1.57 kg
Dimensions 7.87 × 2.83 cm

10 reviews for Govee Envisual LED Backlights for 75-85 inch TVs, 16.4ft RGBIC WiFi DreamView T1 TV Backlights with Camera, Works with Alexa &

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  1. Chris Colt

    I owned an 4K LG 65″ OLED E6 (2016 model) and about 4 years ago decided to try the smaller version of Govee Immersion backlighting system with the 1080p camera and RGBIC LEDs. It worked well enough. I installed the camera on the bottom of the TV due to LG’s OLED TV design where the top of the TV is just thin glass with all the electronics on the bottom 1/3. It just so happened that the width of the LG bottom was a perfect match to the width of the Govee camera clamp – a no brainer.. I calibrated the system several times using different methods from using the Govee orange stick on blocks, room lights on, TV off to the methods used by several of the Govee Immersion users on YOUTUBE- using the virtual orange blocks with TV on tuned to the Govee set up video on youtube, room lighting at the ambient level actually used when watching (or lights off if that is the way u watch TV). Got it calibrated as best I could but still had some problems with REDs or BLUEs saturation or flesh tones too red or washed out. I chalked that up to limitations with my home theater room setup, the Govee product or a combination of things.When I upgraded my 65″ LG to the LG 77″ C1 – I debated whether to move the system over (Govee talked me out of that – when I asked if I could just purchase a longer LED string they explained that the camera was also different – obviously – it have to “see” much larger screen surface therefore the macro “fish lens” the camera uses was different as was the length of the camera holder bar. So after looking at other systems or maybe no system at all – I decided to buy this model – 75″ to 85″ version – not expecting a big improvement – WAS I EVER WRONG – The longer LED sting fits better that the 65″ model – probably because my TV was at the LIMIT of the smaller version whereas with larger version, my TV size is in the middle of it’s range. I was able to mount the LED string approx 3/4″ from the edge on all 4 sides – with the LG C1 – this kept me away from any steep angles and “humps” caused by the placement of the internal electronics – the LED strip sat flatter all around (on the 65″ the bottom row of LEDs were at a worse angle causing bottom lights to have less reflective effect. The RGBIC segments are noticeably brighter than the smaller set. The LG C1 has the power indicator LED and RF remote control sensor at the bottom of TV in the exact center and the bottom thickness of the TV is too wide to support the Govee camera bracket – so I put my fabrication thinking cap on (surprised that no one I found on youtube had a decent solution). I had some 3/4″ x 1/2″ wood scrap in the garage and cut it to length (2.75″) to fit the Govee Camera backplate. I used the sticky adhesive on the thin front lip of the camera mount that overlaps the front glass panel to keep the camera at the correct downward angle then I laid the wood narrow side (1/2″ side) flat on the bracket (You can use some extra adhesive to better hold the wood to the plastic camera bracket – I used E-6000 – a very thin layer – clamped wood for a few hours if u go this route before installing on TV- so adhesive dries and doesn’t get on your TV glass) moved wood brace towards back of glass until a nice snug fit – you want to be able to remove bracket/wood assembly if need be in the future. Once I has the correct spacing between the wood brace and TV glass so camera stand steady and at the correct outward angle then if using glue, mark, add thin layer of E-6000 or equivalent, clamp & wait about an hour until adhesive sets – then center on top of TV – the wood stands in back of bracket 3/4″ tall, the slot that is formed between the wood (3/4″ tall) and the front lip of the camera bracket (1/4″ tall) is what holds the camera assembly in place on top of the TV as the LG TV Glass is what fills that slot. Neatly route cables (Camera, power, RGBIC LEDs) and attach to the connection block – make sure you take into account the movement of your TV Wall Mount system – mine moves in 8 different directions and telescopes outwards quite a bit, so where you stick this connection block is important as you don’t want the wires to be pulled out of there connectors. In my case I was lucky to arbitrability leave 3/4″ of glass on the outside edge of all 4 sides of the TV – this left just about the right amount of glass so that my fabricated camera clamp system worked and fit – if LED strip was any closer to the edge of the TV the LEDs would have interfered with the wood I glued to the camera bracket.Updated App/Improved 1080p Camera:I was plesantly shocked over the improvement of the Immersion system for the 75″-85″ as compared to the 50″-65″. I calibrated using the YOUTUBE “virtual Orange block” method and I followed the updated video instructions from both Govee & these “expert” users – the first major change in the calibration process is to make sure your TV is properly calibrated to “factory specifications” for your TV model, different picture source types – e.g. – SD (standard definition content) HD (high definition – 1080p), UHD (Ultra High Definition – 4K or 2160p), HDR (High Dynamic Resolution – HDR 10 or HDR 10+). Dolby Vision HD 1080p and Dolby Vision UHD- 4K/2160p) – with each video type if supported by your TV, would have a different set of controls/adjustments/calibration attributes – that should be properly set and saved to be used automatically next time TV switches over to that resolution. This coincides with room light = make sure you set the TV up in the room light u will be using most of the time. Calibrating Govee using YouTube method was a breeze – ran thru it several times each time to a finer degree of precision – the Govee Immersion now projects those peachy flesh tones near perfection, the updated app with the White Balance practically cures those bright Red issues- and most important is calibrating TV especially the over saturation – the Govee saturation bar no more than 20%, Intensity 80-100 & white balance to match your TV mine is slightly left of center although it depends whether I have my Blue Filter (cool white filter to reduce eyestrain) on or off – “normal” This is in fact another way to adjust the TV backlight from cool white to warm white – if u change this White Balance on Immersion app should follow, There are EXCELLENT youtube Test Videos for Immersion – some are just fun or demo to impress your friends – other are to test the hardest colors/patterns to dial-in (calibrate) – lots of good information. Either Way OUT OF THE BOX this Immersion system is far better, it’s brighter, better color accuracy much improved color rendition, App provides better and faster calibration and the color changing speed and ability to follow even the most complex screen color changes in much improved as if the color processing engine was upgraded – Govee denies any major hardware improvements other than the new camera with wider lends to capture the edges of the larger screen & more LEDs & more powerful power supply to support more LEDs (I think it also makes brighter. I integrated Immersion into my home theater wifi contolled Alexa system – but find myselg using it only to fine tuning as ther is no need to constatly make adjusments like I did with previous model – EXCELLENT & WORTH IT.. Ifit is not doing everything I said it could do then u did something wrong My Main ERROR when I put the new ones on my new LG 77″ is I put all new Lumary 6″ Full color LED recessed lights 8 in 2 rows on ceiling and 65 Reiga smart ceiling fan with light center of room & 4 wall sconces with Treatlife full color smart lights – Camera is top mounted – when these lights are on they reflect off TV screen – I FIXED by programming Alexa when I say turn on home theater to tuen all lights t 1% intensity, fan light off, color all lights GOLD and turn off 2 ceiling and 2 wall sconces closet to TV – fixed problem (Also made me realize previous install with camera on bottom may have been impacted by wall & ceiling lights)Home Theater Room Renovation:I renovated my entire Home Theater equipment upgrade (Replaced 20 year old Onkyo DS 989 to Emotiva RMC-1, new amps reused Def Tech main Speakers but added 4 new ceiling Toshiba 10″ x 4 for Dolby Atmos & all speakers received new high power (300 Watts per channel) amplification – added 1 new subwoofer (18″/500W ULD 18 Velodyne) for a total of 3 Bass Management controlled subwoofers and 3 free (speaker output level controlled) subs. Total of 17 speakers as part of home theater system and 4 outdoor speakers (Zone 2) – all Home Theater Room lights, fans, blackout window shades, including Govee Immersion TV Backlights Lights and home theater components are wi-fi controlled via Alexa. Left Ceiling White (wife would not let me change it) – Wall with TV is now Flat Navy Blue as is opposite wall where new home theater seating is Four new Valancia Tuscany Chocolate brown Recliners, power recliner, headrest, lumbar support, each with removable table, LED lighting for cup holders and control panel – also Blue LEDs under chair lighting – 2 side walls – one i outside wall with smart Ikea Gray fabric Blackout Smart Shades (Alexa Controlled – walls painted Flat Titanium – side walls – with windows and with door to Family Room – considering wood bi-fold doors for 2 wide doorways – one to rear of house Family Room the other on wall with TV to front of house main entrance and 2nd level stairway to provide better privacy/sound control – ceiling speakers also need to be better encapsulated/insulated to prevent sound to 2nd story bedrooms.

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  2. EMarco

    It truly accentuates your TV watching experience. When it starts getting dark, open the Govee app and turn it on! Have an experience watching the screen and relax your eyes at the same time. It makes whatever you’re watching seem bigger and brighter.The installation wasn’t that bad, honestly, it took longer to move the TV cabinet out and back than the actual installation. The integration with the little camera on top was effortless and it was nearly perfect on the first try. I thought I could dial it in better, but the standard setup, like I said, was already nearly perfect. My only recommendation, before you install this, get some alcohol and clean the area you are going to stick the LED strips to really, really good the first time and you won’t have any fall off.

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  3. Momma grr goo lights work. For now not bad

    The only way I could do that was if you wants me there took I could’ve had you there and you could’ve had it for free if you didn’t mind but if not I’ll do whatever I just want it I just come anytime pick it off out and then I can go pick up it from your place or something’s you could just pick me out of there or you could’ve pick me and

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  4. Jesse S.

    The one I got was too long for TV, and I’m not sure if I can cut this one down and add clips. It says not to for some reason in the manual, but utube says you can but it could limit the functions, so I had just taped it on the back of the TV. My TV is 70′ and when I looked for this I think they only had 55-65 and 75-80 so I didn’t want to get something too small but I got something that I thought would be enough, but it’s just too long. It’s really cool to have, just my own stupidity I guess.

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  5. Cindy

    Super easy to put on and set up. Had a little trouble connecting it to the wifi but nothing some troubleshooting help didn’t fix! The colors look great and really being what you’re watching more to life

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  6. Chris M Hicks

    I love these lights! Full disclosure, my wife had to mess with some settings to find tube it to our TV, but once she did that it really enhances the viewing experience. Would definitely recommend, especially since they put them on sale at least once a month.

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  7. Sara T.

    The set up for these did take about an hour. The directions were very clear, but we did have to set that we had the lights upside down to make sure that were lined up with the tv.

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  8. Stevenson

    Do not buy if you have an 85” screen other than that everything is great

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  9. tea_12

    This was the best purchase we could have made when we upgraded to a 75” TV this past year. It enhances everything you will watch. It has a small sensor that sits on the top of the TV that reads the screen and projects the same colors as the screen onto the walls around the TV. I catch myself watching the colors instead of the TV at times so save the time looking at others and just buy this one.

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  10. Daniel

    I’m picky when it comes to my tech and I’ll be honest I didn’t expect much here at this price point, I thought it would be laggy, inaccurate and I’d end up just setting it to a static color and tossing the camera component until I could afford better.I am happy to report this thing works amazingly well!! I leave it on even for playing games and it really eases some strain on my eyes when I want to play in a dark room. I had been waiting for years for Phillips to make a better hue sync box as my home is all setup with Hue already, but I hated the idea of possible issues with it intercepting the hdmi signal for my games and causing unknown issues with 120hz, VRR etc, This system bypasses all that with only a few downsides.Downsides being is having a camera on top of the tv looks stupid, and it not being as fast to react as a straight sync box would be but it’s fast enough. I also noticed DO NOT set it up at the bottom of the tv, the app shows that as an option, it does NOT work well in that position I almost sent it back until I put it at the top and resynced the app.Also be very careful installing the camera that adhesive is CRAZY strong and if you have a thin tv you could damage it moving it around after the fact.Other than that is a great deal just buy it.

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