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Secura 2 Stainless Steel Food Steamer 8.5 Qt Electric Glass Lid Vegetable Steamer Double Tiered Stackable Baskets with Timer

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  • Our steamer basket (B08SC9GF68) is for use with our electric food steamer to increase the steam space. Each pot is made of stainless steel and has a “keep cool” handle.
  • 800 watt stainless steel steamer with analog panel, 15 seconds generate steam, fast heat up and cooks fish, veggies, chicken, grains or rice(rice bowl is not included), you can cook as many food as you want evenly
  • Stackable 2-tier food steaming, non-slip upper lid knob, anti-scalding handle, clear water line
  • Steaming retains nutrients and eliminates the need for cooking oils. Anti-dry protection, auto shut off once No water. Easy clean and dishwasher-safe
  • 120 Volt 60 Hertz power supply, please check your voltage if not in North America. 2-Year on this product that ensures your satisfaction, so you can enjoy it for years to come

Specification: Secura 2 Stainless Steel Food Steamer 8.5 Qt Electric Glass Lid Vegetable Steamer Double Tiered Stackable Baskets with Timer



Stainless Steel



Item Weight

6.54 Pounds


8.5 Quarts

Is Electric


Package Dimensions

15 x 12.4 x 12.4 inches


Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

2018, September 9

10 reviews for Secura 2 Stainless Steel Food Steamer 8.5 Qt Electric Glass Lid Vegetable Steamer Double Tiered Stackable Baskets with Timer

4.3 out of 5
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  1. D.

    I bought 2 of these; one for me and one for my dad. The veggies turn out amazing. Fairly easy to clean and once you get an idea of how long to cook the food. It takes no time to use.

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  2. Amazon Customer

    I just received this steamer, so I have yet to use it for a variety of foods. But after two uses, there are some great things about it and some not so great things.
    First, the great things: steel baskets that are easily washable in the dishwasher and aren’t the cheap, leaching plastic like so many of the other steamers on the market. A glass lid so you can see the food steaming which is also easily washable in the dishwasher. Simple to use. Seems to provide an even amount of very hot steam. The power cord is removable from the steamer base.
    Not so great things: The water reservoir (base of the steamer) stained after just one use testing the steamer with no food (it may be steel, but don’t think it’s “stainless” steel). The timer is just a dial and not digital (which I knew when I purchased), but that may be problematic because I make hard boiled eggs in the steamer and to make sure they are not overcooked but not undercooked as well, the timing needs to be precise (our old steamer was digital and I could punch in the precise time and I got steaming eggs down to a science and almost perfect eggs every time). There is no kind of indicator signal when the timer is done (our old steamer would beep loudly three times when the time was done) and the steamer just shuts off. There is no tray to catch any of the food juices from dropping straight down into the water reservoir which may make it hard to clean. Takes way too long to get to proper steaming temperature (probably a good 5 to 7 minutes). No rice bowl, but I will just use a glass Pyrex bowl, so this isn’t as big of a deal.
    Bottom line is that I haven’t decided if I’m going to return the steamer or not because I haven’t taken it through its paces enough yet. We still have our old steamer that still works, but my wife forced me to buy a new steamer because the cord on the old one is fraying a little bit (she’s freaked out that I am going to leave the room and it’s going to burn the house down) plus the heating element looks like it’s burnt from so much use. I may keep both steamers and use the old one just for steaming eggs or just use this one and try and get it down to a science again steaming eggs with a manual timer.
    BTW – if you have never tried steaming eggs in your food steamer and you like hard-boiled eggs, definitely try it! It is the easiest and most efficient way to make hard boiled eggs. Just put the eggs in the steamer for a about 20 minutes, then quickly remove them and put them into a bowl full of ice cubes and water (this just stops the cooking process of the eggs).

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  3. Jill A Uher

    I liked that most of the parts could be washed in the dishwasher. Steamed vegetables taste better than boiled vegetables. I have had steamers in the past but the plastic steamer baskets cracked and had to buy a new steamer. The stainless steel baskets should last longer.

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  4. Arnie

    I use a streamer a lot this item works very well. It is worth the cost to get a stainless and not plastic. I enthusiastically recommend this item.

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  5. enid fernandez

    is good

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  6. Chrissou Rafiki

    I love it
    Did my rice to the perfection!

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  7. Stephan S.

    We steam a lot of veggies in our house. We’ve been through 2 plastic steamers in the past 5 years or so. We almost always hand wash them but they just get brittle over time. We were going to try to find on Black Friday but it was almost impossible to find steamers. Apparently steaming your veggies isn’t cool anymore. Looks like all the kids are air frying everything but whatever… 🙂

    This thing works great. I love that it’s stainless steel with a glass lid. I haven’t had any issues with bottom heating area rusting. It is discoloring a bit due to being heated but I’m not surprised by that. Yes the holes are big in the pans. If you do anything around pea size you’ll lose it through the holes. You’ll have to steam those items in another container. Inconvenient but not the end of the world.

    It does take longer to steam things in this steamer compared to our other ones. About 20 minutes for most veggies compared to 12-15. Don’t fill it too much unless you’re steaming for a long time. Not enough water will run it dry. Too much and it will take an hour to steam those green beans.

    I like that the cord can be removed. I wrestled with the built in cord on our last steamer. It always seemed to flop out of the cupboard…mocking me. This one gets pulled and tossed in one of the pans. This makes for easier storage. Overall we’re very pleased. Hopefully it lasts a long time.

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  8. curtis atchle

    Finally a steamer I can fit s couple of my jumbo artichokes in. And its stainless..The amount of steam is no joke.and it cooks quick! Since theres no tray to catch the veggie drips. Cleaning takes a tad more effort that my old oval plastic steamer. Its definitely worth the money!

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  9. Amanda

    It works great as a steamer, just put in some water and turn on the timer. It heats up relatively quickly and will steam foods with ease. Everything except the base is machine washable, which makes it easy to clean. The pot in the base is non-detachable from all the electronics, so you have to be very careful when washing it to avoid getting water into all of the electronics. I would not recommend using the heating element in this product as anything other than a steamer, as the bottom pot cannot be easily washed due to it being non-removable. When you use it, there will be some residue left that should be removable by boiling a water and vinegar solution (instructions are in the box). That being said, since you’re only putting water into the bottom pot, you don’t really need to clean it that thoroughly IMO. All in all, a good product if you’re looking for an electronic steamer. Don’t expect it to do anything other than steaming. I have not had issues with the handles falling off yet, but the plastic cap on the lid has come off, though the handle is still there so the lid is still technically usable. I think I’ve had the steamer for about a month now, so the plastic’s quality is a bit questionable.

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  10. KarinaG

    The media could not be loaded.

     Me llego rayado, maltratado, funciona bien pero se supone que era nuevo

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